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Discussion in 'The Future' started by themnax, Aug 25, 2015.

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    i'm not suggesting we should never venture beyond the orbit of pluto/neptune. that's not my point at all. what is, is that we need to leave our infantile "god's chosen" arrogance at home if we ever do.
    if only because the odds are at least even, if not a great deal more then even, that we'll find it getting punched back down our thoroughly deserving of getting our asses kicked throats, unless we do.
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    Rumours have it that we (humans) already are shooting down (or trying to) other spaceships. That in itself isn't conquering anything but only defending mother earth from malevolent species. That being said, I think some may have made it through the star war screen, let alone if they were already here before the US got set up. :) speculating !
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    Where would the oxygen be coming from when humans even try to get to Mars, let alone some 73,000,000 mile trip? I think it's all a dream, emanating from grandiose optimism, in which humans stand supreme. Compared to what MAY be in existence, we DO have enough sense to lift our feet when stepping up on a curb without tripping. Well, most of us.

    And let's say---for conversation's sake, all barriers to space travel were completely overcome-----and it's time to go. Who goes and who stays? Think you and I would be eligible?
    When this joint has reached or exceeded its limit of habitation----adios elite--have a nice trip.
  4. You guys think we'll ever see pictures of the andromeda galaxy in our lifetimes?

    And think about how cool it is we can already look at HD photos of pluto (Our FURTHEST planet!) from the comfort of your home:


    So of course we have to go beyond our solar system now
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  5. Asmodean

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    Yes, but those pictures will be made in our own solar system (on earth or in orbit).
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    New Horizons, the mission to Pluto has already happend 133 days ago. New Horizons is now headed out beyond our solar system at 36,373 mph

    Currently, no spacecraft have yet left the solar system.

    The boundaries of the solar system are undefined, but most astronomers believe it is at the point where the Suns gravitational influence has no effect. This is about 2 light years from the Sun.

    Voyager 2 - the furthest a man made spacecraft has ventured is only 0.001443 light years from the Sun in 2010.
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    First the Vikings discovered over here around 1600 years ago. You sound like a United Stateser. I refuse to call ya an american cause ya all dont own north or south or central america. I'm a canadian and i'm from america... the north one... united states does not own the name america... sorry to spew on your thread but life is funny and the internet is fucked!
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    that's fine, but you seem to have forgotten, the meritime archaic, the contiki people and the bearing ice bridge migration,
    (and there may yet have been still others, lost to the mists of time) 'discovered' the western hemisphere, at least ten thousand years before vikings either.
    and had their own nations, cultures, and ways of life, just fine, before they were 'discovered' by anyone.
  11. Space_Trippin

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    You're absolutely right, I should never have forgotten those people who crossed over the ice bridge.
  12. Irminsul

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    They're called Jotuns, Elfs, Æsir, Vanir, Norns and Valkyries. ;)
  13. If you delve deep into Histories Antiquity period of ancient cultures; you will find that they have been here already.

    All older cultures have the same tales of 'God" like people who explain how to survive, farming, mathematics and the sciences.

    From Jesus to the ancient Egyptians to the Aztec Quetzacoatl and Viracocha; they all spell out the same civilization scenarios. Fires from the sky and floods that consume great land masses.

    Alternative History defines much of what we know but a 'restrictive mindset' prevents us from exploring and accepting the possibility.
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    You know, the galaxy could just be a blanket for all I really know. A blanket with lots of holes in it. That's what the dream timers say, don't they? I only know of the far reaches of the Galaxy, solar system, space and universe because that's what I'm taught. That's what I've been led to believe.

    I see a great resurgence in the theory that the earth is actually flat. Imagine that. I don't know, I haven't left earth to take a look at it.

    We put a lot of trust into what other people tell us, don't we? From political agendas to religious agendas, we've made movements to distinguish lies from truth, but when it comes to science, we're spoon fed everything. Everything. Everything. Everything, and we take it for granted.

    Beyond the earths solar system? It's all fluff.
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    To correlate with the notion that people are getting dumber?
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    Like I said, I'm not too sure, I haven't been into space to take a look where we live, I've only ever seen pictures in the newspaper, books, Internet and on the television. I guess that's four of the most trustworthy and reputable media outlets right there. :unsure:
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    I agree what you say about the galaxy and universe, Irminsul. We don't know nothing for sure about it, just because others have found the proof and share it. We should convince ourselves by making use of other people's research and shared experiences if we want to be as sure as we can. That way I can go along with the big bang theory and an expanding universe etc. as the most plausible theory so far.
    About the earth being flat, here we don't have to go solely by other people's theories but also by common sense and personal experience. Especially on the middle of the ocean people can find out themselves that the earth is at least curved, not flat :)
  18. Irminsul

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    Lol yeah. I remember ferry cruises off Scandinavia. Up there you can definitely see the spherical earth top. It's an awesome site actually and I remember the see looks as black as night but eerily visible through the waves.

    I actually do believe in far away galaxies and I do honestly believe in most of what science has to say about the universe etc. if only because it makes life more interesting. I just have a hard time swallowing the importance of it all to research and spend the money that we do on it. I just don't see how a billion here and a few billion there and you know, let's say they could take some photographs of a far away world... How's that going to help us, you and I? Civilians? I really don't see the importance.
  19. I imagine there are much greater forces in this universe, and once we have the ability to colonize planets, we will meet such forces. Hopefully any extra terrestrial beings that have come to that point in their civilization evolved past war and unstable resource consumption.

    That being said, if there are any species in this universe that have our mental and physical capabilities that have lasted a good amount of our almost 14 billion year old universe, they will no doubt be so more technologically advanced that they'd have a doctor manhattan effect on us. Get along and be responsible observers of this amazing and mysterious universe, or we'll wipe you all out. :alien:
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    on the topic of other life in the universe - i agree that it is very likely. but the question is if other intelligent life forms would exist at the same time as us. we are likely to go extinct at SOME point in the future, and we will have existed for a blink of an eye when compared to the universe. any other intelligent species may exist long before or long after us, and we might not ever overlap in time (or space haha).

    read up on the Fermi Paradox if you haven't. it's basically asking "why haven't we found life?"
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