Being Ugly Blows.

Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by Cerode, Oct 10, 2016.

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    Everyone is beautiful in their own way. You are flower in a garden and you need to bloom. I wish you can see it as I do. Try to open your 4th chakra so you can bring this awareness inside you.
  2. Cerode

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    Sometimes the "way" people can be beautiful isn't good enough. I'm not a flower in a garden, I'm a weed in a sandbox. I'm convinced to stay single.
  3. But, your first wife, and probably the rest of your family back home, in the UK was it?, they see you with the thai wife now and especially the phillipino girlffriend half your age......and now they will just think thats what you were doing to whole time.....young asian chics at massage parlours

    Back when you were say 30, two young kids, struggling to pay off the mortgage, a certain amount was getting syphoned off secretly to pay for the massage parlours

    Thats just what everyone is going to think now, you get that right?

    Probably one of the reasons the first wife gave up in the first place, and tried to take everything from you, her rational: better it end up in the hands of the kids, otherwise its just going to all go to some young asian chic, that is well, going to do the same

    Still, it is a curious thing about the material possesions thing, someone else mentioned, I like to look sharp most of the time, I wouldnt spend friggin $300 on shoes though, and all the money on all those stupid little knick knacks that overtake every married guys house, whats up with that. Why spend money on all that material shit, why not save, invest?
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    I didn't come to Asia until I was 52, and the 30 years with my first wife, I was faithful and there was never a money problem, I earned more than we could possibly spend, she claims she wasn't faithful. I've never done massage parlors, don't like them. I never even considered paying for sex until after I was divorced, and realized it's the only way a guy over 50 years old is going to get any.

    Same for most of my pals. We didn't realize there was no benefits in being faithful until it was too late.
  5. Asmodean

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    You mean the only way for a guy over 50 who is as ugly on the inside as you.

    So sad. Like the experiences of you and your pals are the only kind. You guys probably keep telling each other that shit to validate your tragic mindset. It's most likely also why you mention your relationships in every thread: subconscious urge for critical feedback
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  6. YouFreeMe

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    Did you ever like or love your wife? Why did you marry someone who wasn't comfortable with your sleeping around or having multiple relationships, if that was the life you wanted? It sounds like you resent her a bit, or at least resent the lifestyle you were in for those years.
  7. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    He seems bitter and like he feels betrayed. How valid those feelings may be it is still distorting his convictions. Now if he would have brought them forth as just his own, and not as if they're universal truths...
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  8. I'm not talking about whats true. Thats irrelevant

    "People" dont know as they dont see everything anyway.

    I'm talking about how they really think, and never tell you to your face.

    I'm talking about that curse of - you are male, you just think with your dick, you are always going to cheat - you get that label no matter what you say or do. And half the time when it comes from the girls its to make excuses for their own unfaithfulness

    You got divorced, then it was a thai wife, then a phillipino girlfriend, oh, he has a thing for asian chics, maybe he always did - thats just how everyones going to think.

    You and your pals, earning good wages, none of you ever snuck off to a brothel whilst married? No one is really going to believe that - again, because you are male, you only think with your dick etc etc. Do you believe your pals 100% when they say they never cheated?, theres no way you can know

    "Realized its the only way a guy over 50 was going to get any" - why do you think a lot of these thai, phillipino girls go for the older guys, compared to a 25 yr old guy with money thats going to want a blowjob three times a day, be agro or drunk or the time, still throw tantrums too often

    You still seem blissfully unaware of the daddy issues thing, even though you are currently with a girl half your age, I'm sure with the Phillipno girlfriend it looks all about money, which hides everything else, but why isnt she with a 30 yr old guy with money? You have all the assumptions you have, but secondly after money, she's with you because you are older, arent going to want to fuck as much, likely to be a little more faithful for the time being as a result. And when you do fuck it lasts a lot longer than the 3 minutes from the average 30 yr old and you are a lot more attentive.

    You do still sound resentful of the first wife, which I dont really get, I assume this Phillipino girlfriend looks better than she ever did.

    If the first wife spent decades secretly stressing that when you hit a certain age, all the little minxes with daddy issues were going to start coming at you, thus the marriage always had a time limit.....well it all came true anyway didnt it. Always something all guys seem to be blinded to

    And the first wifes cheating, I bet it was with lesser men than you, financially anyway - casual hookups with the ones they know they arent going to get attached to - theres no equivalent in the male minset so you are get blinded to that

    First wife might be a total rag, but she spent the entire marriage knowing she was going to eventually get dumped for a younger girl, which is exactly what happened. And when she cheated, she had to cheat with losers so she didnt have to worry about crazy girlfriends,,,,,all very unfair in her eyes

    You all seem to be clueless about this kind of stuff, and I dont get it, Just because an over 50 yr old guy was always gross to YOU doesnt mean the girls think they same way at all
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  9. Have you considered that you may just end up sounding the same way he did 30 years ago.

    You are male Asmo, no matter how much you try to convinced the ladies otherwise, you are male, you just think with your dick, you are always going to cheat

    True or not, its irrelevant, that thing is just going to get worse as you and they get older
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  10. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    If you really believe what you wrote there thanks for sharing your sincere opinion. That's what your convictions on this matter are.

    True or not, its irrelevant... lol have you any idea how stupid that sounds?
  11. Meliai

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    Some of you lads would absolutely flip your shit if women talked about men here the way you talk about women.
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  12. Piaf

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    The most annoying thing is presenting this shit like they are universal truths, and not ramblings of bitter men.

    And VG would lose it if we pretended to know gays and were very judgemental towards them, like he does and is with women.
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  13. OldDude2

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    I would describe myself as disappointed rather than bitter.
    Disappointed that all the Hollywood love shit we have forced down our throats just isn't true.
  14. Cerode

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    Not gonna lie, this is all depressing and makes want to move on to my second suicide attempt even faster.
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  15. StellarCoon

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    May you expound a bit please? What which parts make it most depressing for you?
  16. hotwater

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    You should read up on the subject of Cyrano de Bergerac, The Phantom of the Opera,
    and Joseph (John) Merrick (the elephant Man)

  17. OldDude2

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    Nobody from my previous life knows, where I am, what I am doing, or who I am doing it with.
    In SEA, every (person who dresses as a) male pays for sex and goes whoring (usually from about age 15) and nobody views it as anything but normal.

    (I added dresses as a male, cos if you want to dress as a woman then you can be paid ...... not sure how 2 gay guys work out the financials)
  18. If you want something, don't let several failures and low chances stop you. You have to forget the odds and go for it anyway. Forgetting the odds will give you certain optimism. Forgetting failed attempts will help you go further. See, right now, you have a "poor me" attitude, and that needs to change to a "this will work, I'll make it happen" kind of attitude. Being that you stated several times your troubles with girls, that is probably your goal. Having optimism, and thinking that you have the power to make it happen, will help you find a girl. If you get turned down one day, keep trying to find another girl the next.
    But remember that you should have standards too. Don't just be with anyone. You deserve to be with someone you actually like. You will eventually find someone you like who likes you back.
  19. OldDude2

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    Great advice ....... but ..........
    How many times can you afford to lose your home and/or 1/2 your net worth?
  20. Piaf

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    Of course it's not true. I can't believe people fall for Hollywood crap.
    But there's healthy middle and normal, sane relationships....where they love each other, he's not a total asshole and an old cynic, and she is not a psycho who pours boiling water over him.
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