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Discussion in 'Astrology' started by Enlil6, Nov 30, 2007.

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    It depends on the house system. However in all the systems, assuming your ascendant is Scorpio (traditionally ruled by Mars), your 10th house (career, honor, recognition) will be Virgo (traditionally ruled by Mercury), your 7th house (marriage, relationships, litigation, open enemies) will be Taurus (traditionally ruled by Venus), and your 4th house (father, land, property, end of life) will be Pisces (traditionally ruled by Jupiter).

    Interpreting this can get quite complicated, so I'm not getting into that here.
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    What is the significance of a high concentration of planets in a person's 12th house?

    Specifically, I have my Neptune, Uranus, Moon, Mars, Saturn & Venus hangin' out in the 12th house.

    Capricorn is the sign on the 12th house. My ascendant is also Capricorn.

    Really, any answers/perspectives would be much welcomed -- I'm pretty new to astrology, so I'd like to get some reference points to start out with, and the 12th house seems to be a major theme in my chart.
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    Unfortunately this means you will die any day now. :) Kidding.

    To the extreme you might be living a very lonely and isolated life, where any effort you make seems to go nowhere.

    On the plus side you might be extremely sensitive to suffering in the world, as you may also be suffering in private. You can have a chance to show much compassion to others in this life. You may also be drawn to spiritual or occult areas of life. 12th house emphasis can mean you may or may not be confined in an institution such as a hospital or even prison if you are of that disposition. The main meaning behind this house emphasis is meditation, spirituality and isolation. This is because 12th house planets don't have an opportunity to shine very brightly. Introversion may be the norm here.

    If the rest of your birth chart shows outgoing tendencies or positive aspects to 12th house planets, you can counteract the negative connotations of a full 12th house. It is not neccessarily a negative thing. Western though clashes with 12th house virtues. Be you own ear, and always try to help others to alleviate suffering. Watch out for hidden or subversive enemies as the 12th house can indicate secret enemies and secret suffering.

    A full 12th house can show great creative gifts. You would have to have grounding which you say you do; Capricorn.
  4. darthkacie

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    that's the rest of my chart -- as a novice to astrology, the main thing that I noticed was the big party in the 12th house, but maybe there is significance to the loner planets as well?

    that description is dead-on.

    I've always been kind of a solitary person, ever since I was very young, and have always had trouble seeming .. relatable to people in my age group. my childhood and early teenage years were marked by frequent hospital stays due to various health issues. and I've always been rather sensitive to the spiritual nature of things around me.

    on top of that, I'm a french horn player and I love to write -- been winning various competitions since grade school and will hopefully continue to study the both in the rest of my educational career.

    another question -- what is chiron? I see it there in my chart but have never heard of it.

  5. neodude1212

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    wow that is A LOT of capricorn

    and you have mercury in aquarius, *high-five*
  6. darthkacie

    darthkacie crazy diamond

    haha yeah.
    it actually makes a lot of sense. before I looked up my chart, or even knew what a chart was, I was baffled by the pop-astrology definition of a Piscean sun person. I thought that was all there was to it, so was kind of neat when I saw everything else the stars were doing when I was born.

    according to this site I was just looking at, Jesus, George Harrison and Bob Marley also have their mercury in aquarius.

    right on.
  7. neodude1212

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    here's mine


    My moon-sun-venus conjuction in the 4th house makes a lot of sense to me.

    I've got a pretty good dose of capricorn also, but I have no clue what capricorn is all about. I'm still trying to figure out my chart.
  8. Enlil6

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    From a traditional perspective, Mercury is very strong in a nocturnal chart. Also, if Mercury is between 0 and 7 degrees Aquarius, it gets an extra bump since it's dignified by terms.

    There is a point system to measure a planet's strength in traditional astrology. You shouldn't be too strict with it, but it gives you an idea. Here's an illustration of Mercury in different parts of Aquarius:

    If Mercury is anywhere in Aquarius in a nocturnal chart, he automatically gets 3 points. In a diurnal chart, it's 0. Neodude's chart is nocturnal.

    If Mercury is between 0 and 7 degrees, he gets 2 more points (dignity by term).

    If Mercury is between 11 and 20 degrees, then he gets 1 point (dignity by decan).

    So if it's a day chart, and Mercury is 8 degrees Aquarius, Mercury gets 0 points. A night chart, 3.

    If Mercury is in a day chart at 5 degrees Aquarius, he gets 5 points.

    If Mercury is in a day chart, and is at 19 degrees Aquarius, he gets 1 point. In a night chart 4 points.

    This way you can get an idea of relative differences of Mercury's placement in a sign.
  9. darthkacie

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    so are nocturnal and day just like ... if you were born at night or during the day?
    hah I feel so foolish.

  10. Enlil6

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    No that's ok. Sometimes even astrologers get confused. Your chart is nocturnal, so your Mercury is essentially strong.

    Beware though. Your Mercury is 11 degrees from the Sun. This is a debility called "under the Sun's beams". It's sort of a mid-level debility that is very common with Mercury. Yours is on the verge of leaving this condition, so it's not that bad. It's sort of like running out of a burning house.

    Mercury is problematic in traditional astrology since it's never more than 25 degrees from the Sun, so it's easy for it to get into a bad spot with the Sun. Mine is worse than yours.
  11. jrnyman

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    kacie, your chart is fabulous! lol that's awesome.

    how do you determine the weight of aspects. like what would rule your chart. I have several clusters and am not entirely sure how I would determine the ruler of my chart.
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    how do you determine the weight of aspects. like what would rule your chart. I have several clusters and am not entirely sure how I would determine the ruler of my chart.

    There are two major methods, the traditional and modern.

    The modern method usually just has you taking the ruler of the ascendant. I think there are some other methods, but I don't remember right now. In that case, your chart ruler is the Sun.

    There are two traditional methods, both of which are mathematical.

    That later method from about the 17th century has you taking all of the planets and figuring out which one is stronger. Without going through all of this, it's probably Venus, though maybe Mercury.

    The method I use is the Arabic method where you take the positions of the Sun, Moon, Part of Fortune, Ascendant, and position of the new or full Moon prior to birth. You have a point system and tally them up and you come up with the most influential planet in the chart. Yours is Mercury.

    I could have figured yours out without math. Your Sun and Moon are in Gemini, as well as the new Moon before your birth.

    I like this method better because it's more individual. It's impossible to say "well maybe it should be X" or fudge the data to fit a preconceived idea. It is what it is.
  13. jrnyman

    jrnyman kermit

    cool, thanks :)
  14. I guess instead of making the thread, I should have asked here: When you have all of your planets in a concentrated area of your chart, how do you make sense of what is dominating your chart, and the influences? Is it the house that they are in, the signs, or their proximities to each other, or something else?

    Also, do you have a link to the tallying system you were speaking of earlier?

  15. Enlil6

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    I don't have a link since I can't think of a site that has it. It's mentioned in Guido Bonatti's 13th century book "The Book of Astronomy" and to a lesser extent William Lilly's "Christian Astrology". Bonatti got his info from Arabic sources, and I'm doing research exactly where.

    The logic is easy enough:

    A planet in its ruling sign 5 points
    In exalted sign 4 points
    In triplicity 3 points
    Terms 2 points
    Decan (AKA face) 1 point
  16. darthkacie

    darthkacie crazy diamond

    what is chiron?
  17. Enlil6

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  18. SeedleSs420

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    ive been reading up on this thread. and i am very new to astrology. also very interested.

    all i know for myself is my sun sign is a Leo

    born on July 29th

    So if you could give me and any information on my chart and what everything means or post any links of good sites that explain all this, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    It's now my practice to simply report posts like this.

    Have a good day.
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    so my moms birthday is today and she 55 well their another firend of mines and her bdays today too so how different is my mom to my firend

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