Alaska Cabin Project

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    I am building a cabin in the Alaska wilderness next summer and am seeking people who want to try out the wildness living experience. So, you watch all the reality shows about living in the wilderness. Do you think you could do it? Want a chance to prove it? Come North this summer to my place in Alaska.

    Maybe you just want to learn how to be a real mountain man. Or, want to prove you already have the skills. In either case you are welcome to come North. I would like to learn from people who have great backwoods abilities and share mine with those who want to learn. I have about 20 years of Alaska living experience with more than 10 years in the bush at my first homestead.

    Stay a month, season, or long term. Rent on my land is $1 per month, plus a labor trade for building a new cabin ~ ie. you exchange a day of working on my cabin for a day of me working on your cabin.

    Persons coming here should be willing to be photographed as video production is a large part of our income.

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