21 Years in a 1973 Dodge Van

Discussion in 'Camping/Outdoor Living' started by TwoDogs, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. TwoDogs

    TwoDogs This space for rent.

    Today at the swapmeet I tried a new trick. Seeing as everybody out there is more concerned about my dogs' welfare, I thought I'd work their guilt.



  2. TwoDogs

    TwoDogs This space for rent.

    Here's one of the shoppers out at the swapmeet. (Please don't ask if they're good eating.)



  3. TwoDogs

    TwoDogs This space for rent.

    This morning's sunrise.


  4. ssfls

    ssfls Member

    Hey Bro,

    Awesome pics of the sun rise, and the Macaw as well. I did not notice that bandett was the master manipulator. Great job bandett. I have done a few things with Photoshop myself. I don't know if I would call myself a master, or if hollyweird would want me, but you can always take a look at one of my projects at my blog listed under "Photo Magic"

  5. ssfls

    ssfls Member

    Hey Brother JC, I have been messing with the Avatar feature. I can't get my pic in there like you did. What is the secret?


  6. They eat first!
  7. Logan 5

    Logan 5 Confessed gynephile

    Beautiful Macaw.

    Yes, feed the dogs first. They aren't usually picky. Find a restaurant and ask the cook for any scraps. Maybe introduce the cook to you wagon & doggies.

    I used to be a cook. I would save bits and pieces for folks like you. May not make any money off of helping you, but I know Karma is there.
  8. TwoDogs

    TwoDogs This space for rent.

    I'll check that out. Just size a photo properly, hit the browse button on your profile page and upload.
  9. TwoDogs

    TwoDogs This space for rent.

    Always. They're my children.
  10. TwoDogs

    TwoDogs This space for rent.

    Geeze...the sign was my "sense of humor detector." It's funny...there are a lot of times that it appears that I'm the only one that thinks I'm funny. I'm carrying about 75 pounds of dogfood right now since I have to have Puppy Chow as well as adult formula for my BabyGirl. They also get the last bites of any sandwiches I eat and dog biscuits every night.
  11. TwoDogs

    hey i was wondering if you could email me the hi res images of those sunsets they are beautiful and im starting to dabble in photo shop. I would love to use them as a background.
  12. Lolli

    Lolli groovie hippie mama

    i love 2 travel i do it as much as i can!!! my dream is 2 have a 1969 VW camper bus and travel all around the world in it.
  13. TwoDogs

    TwoDogs This space for rent.

    PM sent. If you make any money I want my fair cut. Say...90%? :D
  14. TwoDogs

    TwoDogs This space for rent.

    It's a long wet drive from L.A. to Australia. ;) Good luck with your dream, I hope it becomes reality for you.
  15. kenwilkes

    kenwilkes Member

    I would bet my life your dogs have never missed a meal Twodogs.. Good humor with the sign.. lol
  16. ssfls

    ssfls Member

    Hey Brother JC,

    Yeah, I like the sign thing! That is awesome. Did you notice that sales went up any with the sign and cute doggies looking through the rails?

    Hey, where abouts is the swap meet? Hum, I wonder what I could sell.
  17. machinist

    machinist Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    lol! nice set of pics :coffee:
  18. Logan 5

    Logan 5 Confessed gynephile

    I realize that about the sign, even when I posted. But that is what I did, because I love dogs. Save a bone, maybe chop some meat with the fat I'm trimming off, a little here and a little there.

    When folks are on the road (my preferred work place is truckstop cafes) the Bow Wow doesn't always get the TLC they need or want. And a nice treat, like a yummy bone, or a piece of meat (almost always encountered owners that wanted it cooked first), it makes the trip much more enjoying for the dog.
  19. Gsislander

    Gsislander Member

    Hey Two dogs!

    HELLO from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

    I've just got thru reading all the posts (64 pages!) and just have to join in with everyone else and add to the swelling of ur head. GREAT read, every page of it. I just turned 41 on Sept 27 and am working on heading into the life that you are leading now. I have bought a van, 1988 Ford E 150 with the 302 engine. Its in the shop right now while they try and figure out why the fuel pumps are not getting a reliable ground. MIGHT have to replace the computer in it. Oh well. I was looking for a long time trying to find an older van, one with OUT computers and fuel injection, but they are so hard to come by up here.

    My intent is to live off the grid as much as I can. Live out on the old logging roads and find myself a nice lake someplace.

    One question for ya tho, what exactly are you selling at the swap meets? It looks like you have little display cases on the tables? I was thinking of purchasing a bunch of stickers and traveling around to the biker rally's in BC and Alberta and selling them there. Any advice would be welcomed, you are the man!
  20. TwoDogs

    TwoDogs This space for rent.

    You'd win your bet. Thanks, I thought it was funny too. Sometimes though, it seems like I'm the only one that thinks I'm funny.

    Sales were pretty much the same as they always are on the last weekend of the month...slow. The swapmeet is on the left side of Hwy 69 as you are leaving Prescott Valley on the way to Prescott.

    Thanks dude.

    Sorry I jumped the gun a bit. I got some strange reactions out there that weekend and I couldn't really understand it. I mean...it's cut into the shape of a cartoon speech balloon for cryin' out loud. I sometimes wonder what it must be like to walk this world without a sense of humor. My sense of humor (and my dogs) is the only thing that's kept me sane.

    Back in the days when I hitched around with a dog I would have been happy to make the acquaintance of a person like you.

    Good for you. I hope that you get the bugs worked out. I sell Native American silver and turquoise rings, various small antiquities, music CDs, common older U.S. coins and sometimes silver bullion. You can cram a LOT of small items into cases and tubs so that you can have something for everyone. My two tables and two tubs with my cases and trays all fit neatly under my bed.

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