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This forum is for Site Announcements from the Admins and Moderators of the Hip Forums.

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Find out what's happening around the world!

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Discuss people who are controversial or in the news.

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Discuss local and world politics and how it affects us. This political forum is for members only!

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Science and Technology

Discuss the latest trends, discoveries and issues related to Science and Technology.

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The Media

Discuss news about mainstream media and its impact upon society.

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In Harmony Herbs and Spices

Wildcrafted and organic medicinal and culinary herbs, seeds, teas, books, apothecary needs, aromatherapy and much more!

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Hip Business Directory

Browse these alternative businesses for clothes, gifts and other alternative products.

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Hip Business Network

Discuss alternative business issues and strategies and network with other entrepreneurs.

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A place for musicians to gather and talk about style, technique, lyrics, and anything related to writing and playing music!

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Community of One Love is dedicated to spreading the message of One Love around the world.

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Free School

Welcome to the FIRST Internet Free School!

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Church of the Good Earth

For people associated with the Good Earth Commune in San Francisco from 1963 to the present!

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A place for hippies young & old to meet & relate.

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Discuss gay issues and meet others in this gay community. Rainbow Power!

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Other Languages

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Rainbow Family

For members and those interested in the Rainbow Family

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Make friends with hip folk from the U.K.!

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Make friends in your area. Select from a list of states.

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Discuss fine art, artistic techniques and popular artists.

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Body Modification

Discuss piercings, tattoos and other modifications to the body

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Hip Comics

Hip Comics and cartoons, some created by our members!

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Discuss new books and the classics or whatever turns you on.

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Computers and The Internet

Discuss issues relating to Computer Technology and The Internet.

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Events and Festivals

Post and discuss upcoming events, gatherings, festivals, seminars, etc. Please put the title of the event as the subject of the post!

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Fashion and Crafts

Discuss hip fashions or make your own style here!

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Hip Awards

Now you can decide who and what is HIP! The annual HIP awards will be voted on by our members, staff and YOU!

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The Hip Polls

We'd like to know your opinion. Stand up and be counted!

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Love and Sex

Discuss Love and Sex in their many manifestations

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Discuss your favorite movies and those movies you'd rather forget.

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Music is the rhythm of life! Please post in the appropriate subforum.

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Performing Arts

Discuss musician and artist concerns

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Is TV just a propaganda tool or chewing gum for the mind? Discuss TV programming and it's effect upon society.

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Video Links

Post links to videos on the web

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Writers Forum

A place for writers to discuss their craft and share ideas.

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Forum Games

Please put all game type threads here. Have fun!

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Discuss all types of games including video, role playing, electronic or board

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Learn more about the amazing cannabis plant. Legalize it!

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Open the door to your mind...

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Philosophy and Religion

The eternal questions await your answer...

  • 9,427 topics
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Random Thoughts

Whats going on in your mind?

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Discuss how astrology affects our lives.

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Discuss conspiracies, the unexplained, alternative news and historical controversies.

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What does that dream mean? Share your dreams and interpretations!

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Discuss the effects of Memes on society. Create your own meme and test it out on the Hip Forums!

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Higher Ed

For those seeking advice or information on colleges, alternative schools, vocational training, etc.

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Discuss all things past

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Post jokes, funny stories, humorous experiences, whatever stokes your funny bone

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Mind Fuck!

Do you like to fuck with people's minds? Are you a mind slut? Have you been mind raped? Then this forum is for you!

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They're watching YOU!

  • 720 topics
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For those seeking info or contacts beyond this plane...

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Pure Bull

Are you full of it? Get your shovel. Try and hit the fan!

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Remember When?

This forum is for nostalgia buffs, or those just testing their long-term memory.

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The Future

What does the future hold for us? How can we realize our dreams?

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True Confessions

Reveal your deepest secrets, embarassing moments, dirty deeds, or...?

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Weird, Bizarre and Mysterious

Post strange ideas, experiences, stories, images or strange things you've encountered.

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The Whiners

Endless whining about nothing.

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All in the Family

Discuss relationship issues with parents, siblings and other extended family.

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Mental Health

Discuss any kind of psychological problems you or others may be experiencing.

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Bare It!

Discuss Nudism, Naturism, going barefoot. No porno, please!

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You CAN make a difference! Find out what you can do to change the world.

  • 6,118 topics
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Discuss beer, wine, spirits & other non-alcoholic drinks. Cheers!

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Camping/Outdoor Living

Tell us about your tips, tales, and travails of living in the great outdoors!

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Communal Living

Discuss alternative living situations

  • 1,421 topics
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Get in touch with the earth. Discuss different methods, plants, landscaping, etc.

  • 985 topics
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Heal thyself thru natural remedies, exercise and alternative therapies.

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Home Schooling

A place to network and talk about curriculums, resources, legal issues, and other homeschooling concerns.

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Munchies Recipe

What are you craving right now?

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Living on the Earth

Discuss sustainable self-sufficient methods of living in harmony with nature

  • 292 topics
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Discuss alternative ways of raising children.

  • 2,855 topics
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Pets and Animals

Be kind to animals

  • 1,868 topics
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Discuss open relationships, free love, problems in love, etc.

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This forum is for vegetarians, vegans, and those interested in learning more about the vegetarian lifestyle.

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Men's Issues

A place for people to discuss men's issues or concerns.

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Women's Issues

Welcome to the Women's Issues Forum. Discuss subjects related to women's rights or any subject pertaining to women.

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Yoga and Meditation

Peaceful paths to health and enlightenment.

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Member Photos

Post a picture of yourself here. You can also add one to your profile. The photo must be on another server or our Hip Photo Gallery (see below for info). Please no porno, copyrighted material or very large images.

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Hip Photos

Post up any photos you like here, but again no porn.

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Hip Travel Guides

Visit our NEW travel site, with its own forums, galleries and unique features! Separate registration required.

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Travel Photo Gallery

Interesting images from around the world. Add yours! Note: Gallery moved to new website!

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Discuss African destinations, culture, and travel tips with Africans and other travelers.

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Discuss the land down under, Aussie culture, upcoming events and travel tips.

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Discuss Asian culture, upcoming events and Asia travel tips. Make friends with Asians and other travelers.

  • 372 topics
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Meet Canadians and discuss Canadian culture, upcoming events and travel tips.

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Discuss European culture, upcoming events and Europe travel tips. Make friends with Europeans and other travelers.

  • 2,429 topics
  • 23,837 replies


Welcome to the Ride Board. Use this forum at your own risk! By posting or responding here, you accept all responsibility.

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Latin America

Discuss Latino culture, travel tips and destinations in Latin America.

  • 205 topics
  • 763 replies

New Zealand

Discuss the land of the Kiwis, the Maori and Tree Ferns. Make friends with New Zealanders and pickup some travel tips.

  • 318 topics
  • 8,273 replies

Postcards from Planet Earth

Post up images and descriptions of places you've been!

  • 39 topics
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Travel Talk

Discuss the joys and travails of travel

  • 349 topics
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Travel Polls

  • 13 topics
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Backpackers Message Forum

Post personal and group messages here

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For Sale or Trade

Please include location & other contact info.

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Help Wanted

Please give as much info as possible including location & contact info.

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All personal ads go here

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User Support

Here is where you post your questions, problems and complaints about the site

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Post suggestions on how to improve the site.

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These personal forums are open to the public

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Does Your Boobs Ever Itch?

Women's Issues Nov 24, 2014
My boobs have been itching lately. Mainly around the nipple and I don't scratch them I just rub them (which makes me look like a perv) they don't look irritated or anything they just itch!! Does this happen to anybody else?
Read More ›

What Exactly Is A Hippie And Why Am I Not One?

Hippies Nov 24, 2014
I just realized that the purpose of this forum is because you are "hippies" or consider yourself to be something like that. So I was wondering exactly what does that mean?   I used to hang out with a lot of people that called themselves "Hippies" and around the "Rainbow Tribe" in Gainesville...
Read More ›

European Or Asian Girls?

Sex Polls Nov 24, 2014
i'm european and I like european girls. My friend is europian and he become crazy of asian girls... Is it normal? Which girls do you like?
Read More ›

Do You Think That All Human Aggression Is In Self-Defense?

Philosophy and Religion Nov 24, 2014
Whether it be real or imagined?   The following people thought they were acting in self-defense:    Hitler. Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kazcynski.   Are there examples of human aggression that are not self-defense of yourself or another?   The Japanese were acting in self-defens...
Read More ›

Darren Wilson Ferguson Trial

Random Thoughts Nov 24, 2014
Well what do you think the outcome is gonna be?     He will be innocent. You heard it here first. They will announce it on tv later today. I feel bad for the people in that area who are gonna have to deal with certain people who will be looting and rioting.       ...
Read More ›

Where Is The Best City To Go To In Brazil?

Brazil Nov 24, 2014
If I had to pick one?   Rio? Sao Paolo? Somewhere else?
Read More ›

Music Of The Underground

Ask The Old Hippies Nov 23, 2014
I would like to note there is a huge cultural difference of the hippies growing up today and those of the 60's. Sure the time was different. I loved the music then and I love the music now particularly the underground music culture. I am speaking of EDM and rave culture for todays youth yes. Some...
Read More ›

Russia Vs Crimea Putins Words: "stronger"

Latest News Nov 23, 2014
Recently Putin went on to say that Russia is "Stronger than EVERYBODY" and he will not stop attacking. he goes on to say, "I have developed a certain style over the years. I never make arbitrary decisions — the ones whose outcomes I cannot see," Putin said. "It's like when you're [driving] on the...
Read More ›

All I Do Is Dream About Cock

Love and Sex Nov 23, 2014
I'm a gay man, and I spend every minute of my life thinking about huge, thick cock.   Is that wrong?
Read More ›

Way Too Inside My Head

Mental Health Nov 23, 2014
Hi everyone!   So let me start by saying I have major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, in addition to PTSD and have been diagnosed for about 5 years now. I'm 16, almost 17.   My problem is that I tend to be WAY too inside my own head. I tend to over-analyze every si...
Read More ›

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      24 Nov

    Roll, roll me away, won't you roll me away tonight I too am lost, I feel double-crossed and I'm sick of what's wrong and what's right

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      24 Nov

    I now have 18 bozos on my Ignore List. This list is growing fast as HipForums seems overrun by morons, psychopaths, and mental defectives.

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      24 Nov
    Cream Pie 420

    happy Thanksgiving to all----good luck on Black Friday: only in America, pepople trample each other to death for awesome bargains one day after giving thanks for what they already have....

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      23 Nov

    Let's go smoke weed about it

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      23 Nov

    : I know that your lips are soft when you sing the sweetest songs, but I've been listenin' long enough, my heart has turned to stone.

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