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  • Greninja
    Blog: Greninja's blog. By Greninja at 12:37 AM.
    The human body contains hundreds of locations where there is focused, and concentrated energy. However, there are seven which are considered major energy centers. These are commonly referred to as ‘chakra’s’. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means ‘wheel’. The chakra’s are spinning vortexes of energy, similar to wheels. They are the centers of...
  • Friar Turk
    7/20/2020 tHERE is a RALEIGH CAMP. It has a tarp set up-----with an emphasis on the square end where the grommet comes through. the dowarger is supposed to be able to go and visit those camps were those Raleigh tarps are set u --------------------------- a dude with OCULUS glasses is set-up in a building with a courtyard-------------the...
  • Lodog
    Blog: Lodog's blog. By Lodog at 11:06 PM.
    I like big woman. Whew glad to get that off my chest peace
  • Jul
    Blog: Lodog's blog. By Lodog at 1:56 AM.
    I used to think I couldn't play music instruments because it felt awkward. I decided to challenge myself and I switched hands while writing a Bible passage. Within 15 minutes my handwriting was better than my right. Since using my left hand my right hand penmanship sorta copies my left. My father would have loved to live off the millions I'd...
  • Jul
    Blog: Lodog's blog. By Lodog at 8:56 PM.
    Got outta jail. Got beat up by about 6 cops while walking down the road. They pulled up behind me and when I turned around I knew I was getting beat up so I told em I wanted to pray and got down in the praying position and got out the prayer Id been learning that day. One had threw his knee into my back so many times it punctured my lung. All...

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