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  1. Today marks a day of Historical reference, and indeed reverence.
    70 years have passed since the detonation of the only two WMD used in 'bona fide' Wartime conflict - the legacy lingers.
    Initially, Hiroshima, followed by Nagasaki, received the packages of annihilation by “Little Boy' and “Fat Man' delivery.
    It is; many say to our shame, that there has been a continuation and indeed escalation of a project that was supposed to end this, and perhaps all wars.
    Rather it has been nothing but a stimulus and incentive for Power, driven under the guise of Protection, not just by National Governments, but also those of corporate and commercial influence “ for War is always (financially) profitable.
    WMD come in many forms, be they explosive, chemical or bacterial device, with some of these used; albeit to a lesser degree in local and civil conflict.
    Each of them, abhorrent in their conception and deployment.
    In a “so-called' civilised world, it is only the technological advancements that have changed the degree of barbarism of which mankind has allowed to develop that is deemed; by some, as acceptable.
    There is for many a justifiable fear that the many axis of evil (which have previously tested the mettle of those who crave/d for the Peaceful co-existence of individuals and peoples as just cause) that this real threat remains.
    Past events have shown the dangers that can occur when Nazi dogma, calculation of the megalomaniacal belief and/or insanity that a single (but influential) person can slip into; either by corrupt, covert or medical influence, if left unchecked.
    With this in mind, it is always difficult to judge when and if it is right, to properly arm oneself against an aggressor of draconian and/or immoral leadership, with an arsenal that delivers destruction of indiscriminative targeting, which passes down family line and is environmentally detrimental.
    Intellectually, there have been a number of reasoned arguments why preparation is better than capitulation, (even the one that includes alien invasion!) but is it a justifiable one? I would question such.
    It is the aftermath of that which we do, that we have to live with and through (or not) that defines us as a race “ along with our value and worth.
    Whilst there a populist view that these cases are “further afield', and are pointed to with distain, of the atrocities of civil and local intrusion/invasion, consideration of our own “westernised' hierarchy of status, from own past does not make fantastic reading. Be it the British colonisation of native lands, the near genocide of Native American people or destructive European power struggles taken up under the banner of religious education are equally damning.
    To my mind, even in the darkest hours, are we that bound by an arrogance that “we' know what is right/wrong? And, to overcome enemies/adversity at any cost is justifiable?

    Historical lessons must not be forgotten - Today is, a poignant reminder: - "the destroyer of worlds" give "kisses that never, ever can fade away"
    Lest we forget
  2. And so we Spring into another month. One which commences with a day that has become synonymous with the playing of practical jokes, tricks and humour - although in some cases, it can have a darker aspect, one which sees a web of deceit, lies and humiliation.
    For the youth/young at heart, it is a day of fun and laughter.
    The Comic actions of those who dance with mirth and a happy skip to the step. It is one which raises the spirits of morale and/or team unity.
    For others however; those of more staid persona, it can be an opportunity to see, either with falsehood and malicious intent, or make commercial profit at their expense of others less fortunate “ either educationally or vulnerability (maybe that's the cynic in me)?
    The concept of innocent japes is a favourable one, although in this 24/7 modern world of competitiveness, sometimes the design and delivery of such; along with the complexities required for increasingly greater effect, followed by the subsequent consequences, can see it having the opposite outcome of embarrassment and hurt
    The most outrageous the stunt the greater the risk of this occurring “ and when it does so, a joke - it is not.
    From another viewpoint “ in life, a good deal of people make judgement upon others of which they know less than they think they do “ in short their personal perceptions. Such presumptions are flawed.
    Those who do so show an arrogance and ignorance. For making judgement based on their own style/way of living is in the least foolhardy and at worst, show a flaw in persona that is more in line with restrictive observation and appreciation.
    Being a fool is a term often used in a derogatory manner, and in making such a sweeping manner shows a lack of consideration; one feels, an absence of awareness and understanding.
    In Olde days, Jesters within in a court, or performing village travellers were held in quite high esteem. Skilled in their art, such talents as dancing, juggling, story-telling, poetic verse and making jest was the entertainment of the day. Their importance perhaps reason why one day from the year is marked with acknowledgment (?)
    As one knows, "The Fool on the hill, sees the Sun going down, and the eyes in his head, see the world spinning round" ("The Beatles")
    Such aspects of self-enablement sees provision of an insight that goes against convention.
    Viewing a world which from "outside the box", often a loner, within their own world, has a creative imagination of much greater vision than the norm, and although somewhat illogical, it has an acute perception of reasoning.
    It is quite refreshing when those of such opine share “ indeed it can be quite enlightening too - a credo not of "why"? But, "why not"?
    The waves of Positivity can be most inspiring - So be it a day of either harmless fun, or with respectful acknowledgement “ let the Fool of April not be mocked, but warmly embraced - methinks
  3. "So begins the month of spring - Growth and freshness doth it bring
    Terra wakens from her rest - To once again begin her quest
    Wheel turns its' cycle, and once more - Light returns to heed the call,
    To plant again, rebirth, anew - fulfil its' task for me and you

    - This is a period that sees another turning of seasonal wheel. With lighter and longer days upon us, the buds start to bloom. Soon we will see both new off-spring and following the winter hibernation, flora and fauna roused from rested slumber to begin again its natural cycle.
    - The returning to Terra of Green and pleasant land, sees fresher breeze and warming of general temperature, which can also be indicative of an awakening of our own lives that in turn sees a new drive of purpose.
    - This period of time is comparable to the Christian celebration of Easter, but for those such as I, - "This is Ostara"! “the spring equinox, another time of fertility and the sowing of seeds.
    - Lore states that at this time it the Goddess Freya who returns to restore Terra's beauty and stimulates growth and fruitfulness, along with - rebirth.
    - The tradition of Easter “eggs' having a greater historical reference than mere Chocolate covering. The symbolism of the egg has strong pagan associations and relates to the practice of olde rite.
    Just as spring is the season when animals and in general, all things of nature, enact repopulation, Eggs are the beginning of life's cycle. They are used as a tool of magic for those females wishing to be blessed with children and depict new beginning
    - As solar shines brighter, along with its warmth, the time of new growth returns, and nature begins to flourish.
    - This is a time for the seedlings of Herb, Flower and preparation of terra soil for spring plantings.
    - By taking the time to celebrate and absorb that witch nature provides and projects, - sitting by brook or stream, walking through forest wood and listening to the melodic sound of birdsong, feeling the texture of tree, rock and grassland, to inhale the aroma of countryside, this allows a rejuvenation of one's inner soul and spirit
    - Just as with that witch Mother Nature exhibits in the frenzied Hare of the month, there could and perhaps should, be a similar invigoration of energy of the human spirit also.
    - It would be a waste not to harness such energy for positive use, and in doing so, make similar progression in mental development also, for both educational awareness and creative advancements.
    - On should consider those which have the attributes akin to that of the zodiac sign of the moment, The Arien child is brave, bold “ sometimes foolhardy - although direct and focused to achieving their goal of ultimate success.
    - With the passing of years, one reflects on past experiences, it is upon such consideration that one can draw comparison with ones' younger mantra of "Everything to gain" now replaced with "Nothing to lose"
  4. February is indeed a time which “sees us shiver', although the chill of winter's breeze should not be felt as a stark reminder of the bleakness of todays' economic finances “ or rather lack of them, but moreover embraced as a stimulation of the senses “ both mental as well as physical.
    With the season of Imbolc upon us, and preparation for spring seeing the wheel turn again with its' magical energy, it is another opportunity for change.
    For those of certain ilk; paying homage to the feminine aspect of ones favoured goddess; Brigid; spiritual symbol of fire and fertility, is an apt choice of reverence.
    This Celtic goddess of heath and home has the attributes one would expect of a maternal spirit who oversees, manages and indeed inspires those with the artistic flair of rhyme and verse, of craftspeople, as well as they witch have the capacity to heal mind, body and soul.
    Being Pagan has been in my psyche as long as I can recall. With the influence of childhood memories of Hippie culture, such principles go very much hand in hand as a partner of reassurance
    The concept of doctrine for some is to follow a Religious routine of adherence with unquestioning regularity, and though I am an advocate of to each their own (as long as that choice has a base point of mutual respect and not critical and/or aggressive imposition) I find that the direction that I choose, offers a pathway to develop the self, and by positive action and deed, a more fitting choice witch gives one both solace and inspiration.
    This is a time when the emotions of Love is quite evident. Around this calendar date, one can draw comparison with the popular and commercially profitable period of Valentines' day - when love and romance sweep into our lives - when the passion of the Heart looks to take over from the heads' usual calculation process and rationale that although can be quite logical, also restricts ones' free thinking and creativity.
    Those who find themselves solo at this time however, can find the images of Roses, Wine, “Kisses and Cuddles' a sad reminder of their current status. For those who have been so for a period of time, they can retreat into a state of melancholy and disappointment, it is understandable that some recede into shadow; whilst others more fortunate party with blithe and cheery spirit.
    But “ to semi-quote, "of those basking in the “Positive waves' "Fortune, indeed doth favour the Brave"
    Stepping boldly with confidence into romantic liaisons is something that those of more sensitive nature shy away from, although at this time of year, there is increased optimism / less fear of rejection, and armed with a degree more courage and hope less forlorn, there is increased possibility of success.
    This should be a credo of example that we should also look to in life “ "Nothing ventured = nothing gained" and for those who embrace ye olde faith “ "You have to believe in Magic! - For Folklore is in our history and should not be underestimated
  5. And so into the New (Calendar) year. - A time when resolutions for change are made - out with the old - In with the new/ young).
    'When the music of Beano celebrations are over, awakening with either hangover - upon melancholy memories. or rejuvenated energy following physical, mental, or other refreshment of sustenance - with inspired drive for an adventurous future - there lies the rub. As one gets older, there tends to be more of the former than the latter - or it can be - if you let it be so.

    Whether the exuberance of youth, or confidence of experience, age is just a number that others have opinion and make presumptions upon:- "Too Young to know - Too Old to grow" - though to make such blinkered judgement is for me very much flawed.
    Employing and embracing a freshness of spirit and courage of conviction (which is I guess what is called 'olde school' ideology) to look at things as a view of "Everything to gain - Nothing to lose" which seems more attuned to ones credo.

    Change is a methodology of travelling along the pathway/s of our lives; before embarking on the plane which lies beyond.

    Great men and women of yesterday/s endured great difficulties and made great sacrifices; not just for themselves but for they who follow in order to prove that 'giant oaks from little acorns grow". We can all contribute to change in/with varying degrees of effort: - "If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way" = MLK

    Though for some, the future seems/is somewhat written, it is I feel, done so in pencil, and we all have a part to play in world wide development - for ceasing to develop sees stagnation.

    For those with faith however, there is always that witch Pandora was able to retain