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  1. Well folks, hopefully by the time you read this, the blogs will be ready for action!

    We hope you enjoy this new blogging system.

    You are limited to only one blog now, with unlimited entries.

    We may have lost a few blogs for members that had more than one (we saved one).

    If you like, you can choose a category for your existing blog, by editing it.
  2. Is the universe a PURPOSEFUL randomness?

    I can see a purpose it in now. :alien:

    OK, suppose this universe was created by an intelligent being or even race of beings (I prefer the latter).

    Let's say these beings don't normally physically reside in what we call our Universe.

    Suppose they created it either as an experiment, or for educational purposes, or just for fun?

    The random nature of the Universe they designed would create an infinite number of novelties (see Chaos theory).

    So perhaps the goal was to see what would be created of interest.

    After billions of years of randomness, the Universe became more complex.

    It evolved. It also got more interesting.

    Life began to organize and reproduce and evolve.

    So at that point, the Creators, if they exist, may have decided to VISIT the most interesting parts of their creation.

    They could chose any lifeform(s) to inhabit consciously to experience the worlds they created first hand.

    Of course they have to be careful not to get so caught up in their creations that they forget who they really are!

    And who are they?

    Look in mirror...


    Source: Over 10,000 Galaxies In This One Picture[attachment=1111:universe.jpg
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