Journals and confessions of two young adults who came to meet through their parents relationship. Now traveling the countryside aboard a huge motorhome bus
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  1. Hi there, I am Tammy. What we plan to share are diary entries and confessions, journals, drawings and stories of our experiences so far on our journey. We do plan to go much further into detail on many subjects but for now we will just try to explain the basics to give you an understanding of our situation.

    So for my whole life, other than a few flings she had, it was just myself and my mother Suzie. Until 3 years ago when she met John anyway. In no time she was talking about plans to go on a trip and so on. Before I knew it there was a giant motorhome bus in our driveway and we were to leave in a week. Two nights before we set off I was introduced to John's son Rick and 3 years on here we all are living happily together on the road and begining to establish a communal like retreat on a property John bought.

    Little did I know when we first set off however that Rick wasn't just your average 20 year old. Living in such tight quarters we soon began to learn more and more about each other and any awkwardness quickly dissapeared :p We were both (and still are) extremely horny, adventurous, open-minded individuals. That's what had brought us here, we hope you enjoy all we have to share in the near future.