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  1. She is not a classic dominant, and will not demand or punish, but she will usually get her own way, and will never do any thing she does does not want to do. I am the one who is a little kinky and I think she likes it, she does go along with most of it. Maybe I am topping from the bottom but that is slowly changing.

    My wife is doing good, and gets a little better each day, but she is a long way from her usual standards regarding tease and denial. I usually get teased and denied multiple times a day and I also get a wonderful pee treat every morning. I really miss it…I love being really horny and on edge all the time. She said I could take a Viagra and bend her over the edge of the bed Wednesday morning after her shower. I hope she doesn’t force me to give her a ruined orgasm…she doesn’t notice any down time on my part, but I do lose a little. After being teased and denied multiple times a day for weeks at a time, I become so horny to the point of being delusional. That’s when it really gets good.

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