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  • Sideman94
    Blog: Sideman94's blog. By Sideman94 at 4:31 PM.
    I for some reason don’t like being barefoot in front of people and to change this and not sure how I would like to be able to go barefoot and not worry about orther people.
  • Jul


    Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 10:52 AM.
    hi everybody it’s been hot and I get asked if my bare feet hurt? And all I can say is I don’t feel the heat . Yesterday I went to amc theatre to go see crawl . It was good but what i just don’t get is when you are walking in water that is to your knees why do you want to wear flip flops. The girl takes them off later . Me I can’t stand wearing...
  • Ronudist
    Blog: Ronudist's blog. By Ronudist at 6:09 AM.
    So it begins. New guy here, so there goes the neighborhood ! I'm married 28 years and, for medical reasons, I can't have sex with my wife, SUCKS ! We can do things, but it's not the same. NEVER cheated, but find myself VERY curious about men these days. Not so much a relationship, just their fun parts ! So these days, it's weed, porn, jack...
  • Jul
    Blog: BirdFlu. By BirdFlu at 6:11 PM.
    I did my daily russian lesson, I need to fill out my daylio journal AND write in my actual paper journal. I need to e-mail a high school transcript and go to court on the 25th at 5 pm... and find my registration. my son is already asleep. i have a distended abdomen from the boorish amounts of pizza i have sadly ingested in these past couple...
  • Maurticia
    Blog: Maurticia's blog. By Maurticia at 8:45 AM.
    To sit by myself in a quiet place No one is asking me to do something. No one pestering me about nonsense. I can hear my thoughts and follow my inner guidance. To be away from people Go hang out with the trees and squirrels Some call me antisocial I call myself a introspective Hermit Following my Bliss Practicing my religion of freedom....