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    Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 5:22 PM.
    Today it was mostly cloudy but warm in the upper 40s and great barefoot weather. I went put gas in my truck and yes i got some looks and the people that gave me those looks where wearing flip/flops. Even one ask if the ground was cold and all i could say was it feels cool not cold. I really don't feel the cold on my bare feet. Then i went to...
  • cincy
    Blog: cincy's blog. By cincy at 4:15 AM.
    I woke up around 3 am really horny, and started to masturbate, until I felt a lot of pre cum, so I stopped, and started rubbing Baby Doll’s pussy. She woke up and started jerking on little willy, and I was getting really wet, so she said “I better stop”. I felt the sheet and there was a puddle, and said “I think I had a ruined orgasm”…”lick...
  • dimkanumbawan
    Blog: dimkanumbawan's blog. By dimkanumbawan at 11:03 PM.
    hey so heres the thing. I think/feel/strongly believe through months of thinking and analyzing, that i have a "million dollar" phone app idea. I have started to write down in a notebook my ideas and visions for this app and have a solid view of what i want this to be. The concern and question that im asking is coming from the fact that i have...
  • Dec
    Blog: storch's blog. By storch at 6:35 AM.
    I was five years old when my older sister, Carol, told me that the Tooth Fairy was, in fact, mom. I was young, but I remember my response. All thought stopped, and I stood there thinking about whether it was possible that it was my mom. In our house, you put your tooth in a glass of water and then put the glass on the kitchen window sill....
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    Blog: storch's blog. By storch at 7:47 AM.
    Finally the door opened and the doctor's assistant called her name. "Janet?" She got up from her chair and didn't bother straightening or otherwise pulling down, her already shamefully short skirt. It wasn' quite a mini-skirt, but certainly a mini-skirt in training! The doctor's assistant, who had just celebrated her fifty-third birthday...