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  • Friar Turk
    Overtake the shore-lit glow of eternity Transubstantiative* and incorporeal: Cornucopia of Swan Song, Unsung except in memory Cyphering the impermeable membrane through holographic codes The Kingdom of Elohihohi; immovable............ ............ //or/and at best......... diurnal Keys of misting eyes, Paean of dust: tragedy of light,...
  • Friar Turk
    falling bag of poison go away from the parade of eager spectators watching for hercules to land on his shoulder of concrete somewhere near this fissure of oracle gas intoxicating the crowd aghast with laughter almost crying with massive, hysterical hysteria without a clue, who will come next where will it? come from
  • Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 3:32 PM.
    Yesterday i went to a place where i go camping and hunting and of course I'm barefoot. It was a great day it was in the 70degrees and there was still snow here and there . So i did a little target practice and i was stepping on broken glass bottles. And after shooting for a bit i decided to go and walk around .Witch i did and the dirt and the...
  • Apr
    Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 2:49 AM.
    Yesterday was the frist time i cut the lawn and yes i was barefoot and the fresh cut lawn felt great on my bare feet. My bare feet got nice and green with some black in it from my walk everywhere barefoot in the morning. So after i got done i use my blower to blow off the side walks and my driveway. Then went in to shower and after that i had...
  • Friar Turk
    Rhyme-back my slap attack, a page of verse in charade a dimlit parade an inglorious vanity Your hair, the red of Siquoa Bark Shred in skate light Burn Weed on the Front Porch Dial the Sheppard s Lawn Those words from before never uttered in truth only prophetic remorse The sadness of the worlds The joy is in direction away Not in staying in...