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    Blog: cindywarble's blog. By cindywarble at 10:21 PM.
    made some salmon today it was good my usual is a bowl of ramen with a can of vegetables & tuna fish(its great!) bought some livers on sale 3 for about $5...nice buy + had a container of fresh diced onions extra spice... so you cook some livers IT FUCKING STINKS...nice try - but you can just open a window that sonofabitch needed to air...
  • cindywarble
    Blog: cindywarble's blog. By cindywarble at 11:11 PM.
    bear with my now im going to try 2 elaborate a little bit on some ideas ive been having lately... skinny people all the time are asking what is the quickest way to put on some weight & the answer isnt milk what you need to do is: #1.get a slice of bacon(RAW) #2.wrap it in 3 tortillas #3.wrap that with a slice of cheese & put in microwave for...
  • Feb
    Barefoot Rick
    Blog: Barefoot Rick's blog. By Barefoot Rick at 9:24 AM.
    This morning i went to pick up my mom from the airport. And yes i was barefoot like I am everyday and the temperature was in the 28 degrees Fahrenheit. And the ground felt great on my bare feet and as i was walking through the airport to people where looking at me and my bare feet. The looks where like i was crazy or out of my mind. So as i was...
  • cindywarble
    Blog: cindywarble's blog. By cindywarble at 6:09 AM. love my job at whataburger i really do but LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THERE BIGGEST RIP OFF!!! the A1 THICK N HARDY BURGER...i thought it was "something special" & i was looking through the walkin fridges/freezers to get more frys when i was looking around... ...noticed they only had 2 meat patties REGULAR n KIDS BURGER MEATs... i...
  • cindywarble
    Blog: cindywarble's blog. By cindywarble at 5:16 AM.
    since HS ive heard lots of guys talk about fucking there gfs(not wives)in the ass is that because they are secretly gay & unable to avoid the standards of modern america of men marrying women?there are tons of secret gays out there... i know when a man is gay(and they are just fine getting along in the world) because they tend to be more...