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Dracula Untold

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#1 Shale



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Posted October 26 2016 - 08:50 PM

The latest vampire film where Vlad strikes a pact with a monster named Caligula.Dracula Untold
Movie Blurb by Shale
October 10, 2014

IDK why I like vampire movies (and loathe Zombie movies because they are ridiculous). I own 10 inches of DVD's on a shelf of Vampire movies, not counting the 1922 Nosferatu. I may not be adding this one to the shelf.

Rottentomatoes aggregate reviewers gave it a 26% fresh and 61% of audiences liked it. The Consensus was that it was "Neither awful enough to suck nor sharp enough to bite, Dracula Untold misses the point of its iconic character's deathless appeal."

However, that said, it was a mostly enjoyable movie with good visuals and Luke Evans was well suited to the titular role.

On opening, we learn that the Turks in the 15th Century were the dominant military power and would steal boys to train as brutal soldiers. Vlad was one of those boys who grew to be a very effective killer on the battlefield who also impaled the enemy as psychological warfare to others. (Not the story of the real Vlad the Impaler who was a sociopathic killer)

But, this Vlad (Luke Evans) got promoted to Prince of Transylvania, a Christian tributary to Sultan Mehmet (Dominic Cooper).

Vlad Dracula
Posted Image

He had a lovely wife Mirena (Sarah Gadon) and a young son, Ingeras (Art Parkinson).

Ingeras & Vlad
Posted Image

All was going well until the Sultan came for his usual tribute but also demanded the boys and young men to serve in his army including Vlad's son. Prince Vlad has no army of his own, which would have been futile against the hordes of Turkish troops so he was desperate. So desperate he returned to a cave where barely escaped once before from a monster who could not come into the sunlight. The monster is Caligula (Charles Dance) and agrees to pass on his powers and curse to Vlad.

Vlad Meets Vampire in Cave
Posted Image

If Vlad can refrain from human blood for 3 days the curse and powers will leave, but if he succumbs he will forever be the Dracula of legend. (Oops, was that a spoiler?).
Anyhow, Vlad uses his powers of speed, transformation, healing and flight to take on the Sultan's entire army - with a few casualties on Transylvania's side.

Vlad After Battle with 1K Turks
Posted Image

This movie was set up for a sequel but there are many such movies that forget-about-it if they don't do well at the box office. If the DVD comes out cheap I may add it to my shelf, it wasn't that bad. (I do have Queen of the Damned after all).

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#2 Yggdrazil


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Posted October 26 2016 - 09:14 PM

I've been getting more and more onto the Dracula scene. Currently reading the book. I have the 1992 movie, which is my favorite Dracula movie, aside from the 1931 film. Hope this one doesn't suck, however I have a feeling it will a stray a bit too much for comfort.

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