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What Year Would You Like To Be Teleported To And Why?

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#1 Jimbee68



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Posted January 21 2015 - 09:33 PM

Time travel is an interesting topic. Most physicists say it's unlikely. Though they can't say it is impossible. Ironically, though, time travel to the future is very possible. Were doing it right now. Have you ever been on a jet plane? If you were, time passed by more slowly for you due to an effect Einstein discovered called time dilation.


Anyways, forget all I just told you. This is a purely hypothetical question.


If you could travel to any year in the future, what year would that be? And, why?


Me, I would like to be taken to the year 2401 A.D. You see, though I don't believe in numerology, I have noticed years that are perfect squares, tend to be pivotal years in history. Plus I like the 24th and 25th centuries. They are far enough in the future, that mankind will no doubt be very advanced. (Me, I would love to just have their matter replicators and simulated reality equipment [predicted by sci-fi fiction, like Star Trek, etc.]). But we no doubt would still be unmistakably human (I predict, at least). Also, 2401 is not so far that I would encounter any cataclysmic event, like the Sun exploding for example.




What year would you travel to, and why?


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#2 Tyrsonswood


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Posted January 21 2015 - 09:35 PM

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#3 Irminsul



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Posted January 21 2015 - 09:48 PM

Maybe on the cusp of AD/BC. 1AD-700 for my Saxon culture, 700AD-1300AD for my Norse culture.
I'm a medieval type of person so even the Middle Ages, Teutonic era. Though to hell with Christian agendas, Vikings it is. ;)

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#4 Harpo



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Posted January 22 2015 - 02:58 AM

I'd like to travel to whichever year will see time travel being as common as train travelling currently is.  Because once that is happening, everyone in the world will know what's going to happen throughout all of future history.  There'll be no religions, no mysteries, no surprises. 


Celebrities will be famous from birth, simply because every stage of a celebrity's life will be documented once they do whatever it is that makes them famous. 


If a life-threatening worldwide disaster happens (major asteroid impact, for example) then the date of it will be known to everyone in advance, and everyone will simply time-travel forward to whenever the world is safe to live on again. (much like there are dangerous places that people don't go to - such as inside active volcanoes or minefields - there will be dangerous times that people won't go to)


All possible problems, troubles, and conflicts will be resolved as soon as they arise, simply because their outcomes in later years will be known to all. 

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#5 Vanilla Gorilla

Vanilla Gorilla

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Posted January 22 2015 - 03:28 AM

First thing that came to mind was going back and seeing Pantera in concert one more time


I dont really care about the future because it wont be like Star Trek, there will be 20 billion of us on the planet so we will be all swimming in each others crap, most of the wealth will be owned by the top 0.1% instead of the top 1%, and no holodecks cos everyone will care more about posting photos of what they had for lunch on the 17th twitter and facebook reboots and which every bimbo gets famous solely on "leaking" a sex tape


And I dont care about the past, cos seiously, anyone remember dial-up internet?

#6 themnax


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Posted January 22 2015 - 09:55 AM

where matters at last as much as when.  further in the past this world was less homogenized.  that would be good.  but i'm more interested in either other places, or things that haven't happened yet.


where and when the first solar powered narrow gauge railway is being built, or completed, after the human population inversion, that may happen from famine and disease, sometime in the next few decades.


or a world full of mountains and forests and ruins no one stops you from exploring. 


time AND relative dimensions in space.

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#7 orison


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Posted January 22 2015 - 12:10 PM

A unique solar-powered railcar built by the workshops of the Kismaros – Királyrét narrow-gauge line near Budapest has been granted approval to carry passengers in time for the start of the tourist season.

The 760mm-gauge vehicle, dubbed Vili, is fitted with a bank of photovoltaic panels, which are mounted on the roof and cover an area of 9.9m2. The panels feed batteries installed under the seats which are are also fed by a regenerative braking system. This means Vili can be operated exclusively using onboard solar power, although the batteries can also be charged from external power sources, which may also be fed by local solar cells.. http://www.railjourn...or-service.html




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#8 IRQ42


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Posted January 22 2015 - 02:38 PM

i'd like to see what it's like 100,000 or a million years in the future.

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#9 I'minmyunderwear


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Posted January 22 2015 - 08:38 PM

If you could travel to any year in the future, what year would that be? And, why?


do we get to come back when we're done there?

#10 newbie-one


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Posted January 22 2015 - 09:32 PM

you might be able to "travel to the future" with cryogenic freezing, but you couldn't go back

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