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  1. Here it comes boys and girls,
    YES ! That time of year
    once again.

    This is entitled:

    October Obituals

    If they knew
    they'd be dreaming,
    arboreal screaming

    these wretched
    dead things,
    in the wet wild
    3 AM.

    Wearing the reek,
    cast off clothes
    city streets,

    worn much too
    long, wet down
    to skin,

    mold on the make,
    in the night branches
    shaking, breathing
    hard fought,
    death of the

    storms, throw
    their dead
    by the path,
    in their wet wild

    their last, this
    ripping from
    leaf avalanches,

    northeast winds
    slash, like an
    knife, in the
    dead dying

    arboreal death
    leaves now bereft
    of life, souls thusly taken,
    season ends

    maple leaf,
    death of their
  2. Thing is, there was this girl. My first, should have been last,
    should have been still.
    Fun it was, we had fun. I wanted a family, she
    wasn't ready. So many things we should have done,
    so many. Regrets are easy to come by, girls like her
    however, are not.

    My First My Love

    they, bleed, they
    won't heal.

    Hoping through
    the years,
    I could forget.

    Reading of you,
    Valentine's Day,
    alone, lonely streets.
    very sadly, it
    all came back.

    And so, even still
    they won't heal.

    or love,
    one to the other
    same as the other,
    when seen
    such lovely eyes
    my love,
    and my friend.

    O God
    my love,
    a prayer,

    a dream
    you should never
    be sad.

    If you so wish
    I will cry enough tears
    for the both of us.

    Then just to hold,
    then just to kiss
    a thousand more times,
    for every one second

    Hope just to hold you
    one last time,
    look in your eyes
    that you may see in mine,
    how wondrous it was
    to be with you.

    A dream in my heart
    to be close once more,
    softly to whisper
    that I'll always
    Love You.

    as it must be so,
    to turn
    just walk away.

    As I must,
    being now
    with another.
  3. So it begins. New guy here, so there goes the neighborhood ! I'm married 28 years and, for medical reasons,
    I can't have sex with my wife, SUCKS ! We can do things, but it's not the same. NEVER cheated, but find myself VERY curious about men these days. Not so much a relationship, just their fun parts ! So these days, it's weed, porn, jack off. ( chaturbate mostly ) Don't always have 420, but I ALWAYS have something to play with, almost every day. LOL My idea of a good time these days. Oh well.
    Thing is, I've suffered from severe depression and social anxiety all my life so my sex drive hasn't been that great, HOWEVER...I've come a LONG way in my recovery, so basically I'm horny ALL the time now, but I can't have sex with my wife. She had a back operation with resulting nerve damage, so it doesn't feel good to her for me to even touch her down there, let alone oral, and I LOVE doing that ! The vagina is the most amazing, most beautiful thing ever created, and I can't do a thing about it ! HELL for me, being both incredibly horny and incredibly oral ! I LOVE eating out !

    Need I mention being a nudist ? About 15 years now. Been naked with hundreds of people, and it was GREAT ! Nude at home whenever possible, but it's not possible as much as I like due to my living arrangements. If it were possible, I'd NEVER wear clothes ! Would LOVE to try posing as a life drawing model. Nude, of coarse.
    If you think that's all I care about, it's not, just horny all the time. Aviation nerd, amateur poet, RC Heli, flight sim. USAF Vet. I served in SAC during the Cold War. KC135 A Crew Chief. Minot AFB N Dakota.

    Here's a poem fer ya' !
    It's entitled:

    Creepy Crawl

    Oh how they squirmsy
    'ind eyes less bright,
    'cuz oh how they keep
    us awake at night,

    such creepy crawl
    ugly insidious things,
    these three a.m
    homicide, chopping
    head thoughts,

    cahootsing like bugs
    with brain eating
    thugs, that dig their
    way into your skull

    ears that
    heard them go in-

    'Cuz they're just so
    LOUD, and damnit
    it 'urts like HELL,

    like screamin' guitars
    with big booming amps,
    tympanums imploding,

    while big ugly beetles
    with nasty fat arms,
    ring caterwaul bells
    in that gusty ole' well,

    'ere you went to go
    for a sweet cool drink,
    and down into stinkin'
    ole' HELL, you fell,

    FULL !
    You and Guy Stroking like this.

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