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  1. I met my wife at a high school dance what I was doing there I don't remember but she was only 17 and a senior in high school. I was 22 much to old for her. She had a boyfriend then and wasn't a virgin he was her first love. She began dating both of us and we both took turns fucking her! Before she graduated we eloped to a small town near by and got married. She continued high school and graduated during that time she continued seeing her past boyfriend and they fucked often. I had no problem sharing my wife even then after all it wasn't as if they hadn't fucked before plus even then it turned me on knowing my wife was getting fuck by some guy! It stopped when she graduated and we moved to a near by town! Time went on and during that time we had four kids now the kids grown up the subject of her fucking her past boyfriend came up and often and she admitted she missed those days! 53 years old and she hasn't forgotten those days My wife has always been a good looking women and now much older her beauty is still there! It wasn't until we began going to bars more often now that the kids are grown up and moved out that my wife took on her first lover! No she just didn't cut on me I told her she could. After being at a bar my wife told me this guy who we have known for awhile hit on her and has a log cabin where he wants to take her there! Yes I said yes...............just the beginning of sharing my wife.

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