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  1. Following on from a recent topic that i was involved in, i have decided to post my first Blog entry, as it seems a few members may like to hear my story about our accidental journey into the world of sexual contact and experiences with other people.


    After 25 years married, and Wife being a virgin at the age of 27 when we met (i was 33) my wife has never had any form of sexual contact with any other man except me in all that time, so she has nothing in her past to share with me (as per the title of the topic in the link) even tho i have managed to fill her in with some of my experiences prior to meeting her, something that i think she actually enjoys listening to, but i am fairly certain that she wishes she could return the favor herself, and although it is something for me to treasure that she was a virgin, sometimes i wonder how things might have been if she did have previous experiences.

    Anyway, over the past few years i had put on a lot of weight, and that had a dramatic effect on my sexual prowess to the point where even tho i still found her sexy (she has an amazing body for 53) i just couldn't get it up like i used to, and just coudn't be bothered because i was always tired, kind of lost the plot and lost interest.

    My wife is very highly sexed for a woman in her early 50's (as a lot of Asian women are) and i know this lack of interest by me had a real effect on her, and i noticed that over that lengthy period of time, she was using her toys on a regular basis for her own personal gratification (we have a plastic tool box with a lock on it for storing our toys in so i always know when it has been opened) so i decided i had to do something about it, and losing the weight was the only way to do it.

    As i started dropping from 110kg to under 90kg things really started to change for me, but i didn't show that to her too much as i really wanted to get to around 85kg and see how much better i was, and when i finally got there, i decided to reveal the new me to her one night because i just couldn't hold out any more, and i had not even masturbated for well on over a year prior to this, so i had a lot to get out of my system if you know what i mean.

    My wife sleeps wearing an over sized t-shirt with nickers on (she never sleeps without nickers) and she always chills out in bed every night doing her facebook thing, and eventually falls asleep, while i just sit on my computer in the room next door, but i usually did this so i didn't have to go thru the motions of denying her sex and have her get disappointed again.

    The night i decided to surprise her was magic, she was asleep, it was 1am, i stripped off my gear and went to bed and gently laid beside her and gently started spooning her, and within a few seconds of rubbing my cock between her butt cheeks, i got an erection so hard that i almost burst at the seams, and as soon as she felt my cock, she rolled over, grabbed the old fella, moved down between my legs and opened them apart, and gave me the most amazing 10 minute blowjob she has ever given me, and for the very first time she actually took my load inside her mouth because she was so turned on and didn't realize i was going to shoot until it happened, and i know that after more than 2 years of denying her sex, what i did may seem to be a very selfish thing to do, but she was loving it, and i simply couldn't hold it any more.

    Usually in the past i have always been a 1 shot wonder, only able to cum once during a sex act, and kind of losing the plot shortly after, very disappointing because the wife still has a lot more left in her, so she will sometimes continue to play by herself, or grab her toys until she is happy.

    This night after she blew my balls to pieces with the blowjob, i knew she was never going to let me leave her high and dry without fucking her for the first time in over 2 years, so i got up and grabbed a beer from the fridge (to stop myself from falling asleep) and stayed active for 20 minutes or so, and after that, well all i can say is that she got exactly what she wanted, and this was the first time we had multiple fucks in one night for over 20 years.

    Getting back to the topic of previous sex partners, a few months ago, for her birthday, and because i had not been actively sexual with her for a long time, i decided to get my wife a gift voucher for a 1 hour pampering massage at a really nice privately owned Massage clinic that i found advertised, run by a beautiful (but very petite) 40 year old Korean lady, and it was located in what appeared to be a 3 bedroom apartment next door to her home, so when the night of her appointment arrived, i took her there and waited in the small reception room while she had the massage, which on this night was given to her by a younger (early 30's) Chinese lady.

    After about 70 minutes the Chinese girl came out and tells me Wife is showering and getting dressed, so i waits another 5 minutes or so, and then she walks out with a massive big smile on her face like a child with a new toy, and her face was glowing like a candle.

    Asked her how the massage was (as if i had to ask) and she just said that it was the most amazing experience she had ever had for a massage, and before we left she asked the owner if she could book another massage for the next fortnight, only this time for both of us, and to include a 30 minute spa session as well before the 1 hour massage, and i kind of thought it was a bit odd at first, but she told me they have a big spa in a bathroom that clients can use before the massages, for an additional fee, and she also wanted me to have one of these "amazing" massages as well, so we made the booking and off we went, thinking nothing else about it, and life went on for the next 2 weeks, the wife didn't really say that much any more about the massage she had, all i know was that she really seemed to enjoy it.

    We romped up to the clinic for our appointment, waited for 5 minutes or so while the Spa was set up, we was then taken to the spa room by the Korean owner, given our towels and a robe, and a tray with scented soaps and oils, and off she went, so we just stripped off and laid back in the Spa and lapped it all up, and after about 10 minutes there was a knock at the door, and in came a Chines girl wearing a long silky red and white robe and carrying an ice bucket with a bottle of wine and 2 glasses, she then introduced herself to me (wife tells me it was the same one who gave her the massage 2 weeks before) and she poured us a glass of wine, dropped her robe to the floor, climbed into the spa, and proceeded to do this amazing scrub and wash thing on both of us, which seriously we had no idea was actually part of the Spa session (wife still swears to me she had no idea either) we just thought the spa was for us to wash and relax in before having the massages, so we just went along for the ride, and it was amazing, i have never had a wash like that performed on me before, not even by my own wife :)

    After our time was up she got out, put her robe on, and left us to dry off and robe up ready for the massages, and after a few minutes she came back in and took us both to another candle lit room that had 2 beautifully padded massage tables placed side by side, so she asked us to take off our robes and lay on our tummies on the tables, left us there for a few moments, and returned with the Korean lady who was also wearing the red and white silky robe, and also had another bottle of wine with her (this was pampering at its best)

    After a few quick glasses of the wine and a chat with the 2 ladies, the Chinese one asked my wife if she wanted her to massage her again like she did last time, which i thought nothing about, and then the wife simply said to her "no, please give my hubby the exact same type of massage that you gave me last time, so he knows exactly why i had a big smile on my face when it was finished" so they swapped places with each other, turned on some very soft romantic music, dropped their robes, and began the massages, and off to heaven we went :)

    Without writing another chapter dedicated to the actual massage, all i can say is that after the 1 hour massage had finished and we had showered and got changed, i then understand why my wife was wearing such a big smile on her face after her previous massage with that Chines girl, because the massages we had was not quite what i had imagined them to be from this place, but as it turned out, it was not quite the regular type of massage clinic that i had originally thought it was, but it was also not one of those seedy massage parlors that you often hear about either, this place was beautifully decorated and definately not seedy, and all i can say is that if you have never experienced a side by side massage like this with your partner, then you are truly missing out on an amazing experience, watching each other naked on a table being sensually massaged and aroused by these naked and oiled up ladies is amazing.

    As a follow up, when my wife had her first massage there, she was expecting a normal full body relaxation oil massage (thats what i thought she was going to be given as well) and after the wife finished her pre-massage shower and laid on the table, the Chinese girl dropped her robe (wife was a bit surprised) and began the massage, which started out ok, and after about 15 minutes she started massaging close to my wifes groin and inner thighs, and as she was doing this, she politely asked the wife if she would like to include pussy or clit stimulation with the massage, and my wife told me that this Chinese girl already had her feeling so fucking good during the massage that she just told her to do whatever she wanted, and it turns out she clearly did what she did very well because the wife loved every dam moment of it, and i was very surprised by this, because my wife has often told me she is fine with having a nude massage with a female, but was not sure about letting another woman touch her boob or genitals like this Chinese girl did, so it was kind of nice that it did happen.

    Now, back to the dual massage that my Wife and I had, the Korean lady did a beautiful massage on my wife, massaging her breasts and pussy so gently and occasionally inserting 2 fingers and rubbing her g-spot making my wife squirt a few times, and bringing her to orgasm several times (i wish i had my video cam there to film it) and as it turns out, this was exactly how the Chinese girl did her massage on my wife as well, no wonder she was smiling.

    My massage involved a lot of stimulation around the anal and perineum region under my balls, which is something that i love having done to me, and the Chinese girl very quietly whispered to me that my wife had divulged certain things to her about me during her first massage, so that is why she focused on that region, and she threw in some penis play on top of that as well, but the surprising part was near the end of our massage when the Korean lady could see how aroused i was by the Chinese girls massage, she actually asked my wife if she would like to finish off my massage (at first wondering why she asked her) so she explained to the wife that she could "finish me off" herself (a happy ending) or let the Chinese girl do it for a small additional fee, and the wife could just watch.

    Wife told her that she would like to do it herself (this time) so she got off her table and came to my side, and with some wonderful help from the Korean lady guiding her thru some rather amazing mouth and hand techniques (that we had never experienced before) the volcano finally erupted, it was amazing, the Chinese girl gently cleaned up my mess with a hot towel, and when it was over the 2 ladies robed back up and left, we had our shower together, and left with a very big happy smile on both our faces :)

    The bottom line was that these massages are a combination of therapeutic and sensual oil massage, and before the ladies actually start the massage, they very nicely and politely make it clear that they do not offer penatative sex to men, it is completely off limits no matter what, however they do offer what they call "genital arousal massage" to both men and women during the full body massage if they wish to allow the ladies to do it, at a small additional cost on top of the price of the massage, and the ladies will disrobe during this time and apply massage oil to their body, and they also allow gentle touching of their bodies, including mild fondling of their breasts and bottom as well, but no pussy play.

    The standard "genital arousal massage" does not generally include a "happy ending" it is more aimed at teasing play for a minimal extra fee, and only near the end of a massage will the ladies ask the guy if he wants to go further for yet another small additional fee on top.

    We was told by the owner that not all men are accepted in their place for a massage, and men cannot book a massage over the phone, they usually only accept men who walk in and present themselves as being clean and tidy with a pleasant manner, and either fit them in at that time, or will make a booking for them at another time, and i don't blame them having this policy, however 90% of their clients are females, half wanting a normal type of massage, and the other half wanting the sensual arousal massage.

    We have booked in to have another spa and massage early in the new year as the place is closed over the xmas and new year period, but this time i have asked the Korean owner if she has any male massage therapists on hand to give my wife her massage and see how she reacts, and luckily she has arranged for another Korean lady to do my massage, and she will bring her partner along to do my Wifes massage (he apparently is highly qualified and works there part time when requested by other women) so i am hoping that this will go ok, and finally have a chance to see my Wife experience being naked in front of another man, and experiencing a full body, sensual massage at the same time, hopefully she will enjoy it as much as she did with the other 2 ladies, and i can't wait to see her reaction afterwards.

    I know she would definately not do this if i was not there for the first time at least, and hopefully in the future if she wishes to go back for more massages on her own, she would be a lot more comfortable having that guy doing it, or have one of the other ladies do it instead, depending on how she feels, and i would have no hesitation in letting her do it, something to talk about when she gets home.

    Ok, well that's my story about us spicing things up after 25 years together, and to finally get my wife to experience being seen naked, and have her body touched by the hands of another man.

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