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  1. I have always sexy fantasy about lady's legs in high heel shoes, so I can't stop watching them make me on to masturbate what about you guys?
  2. It is a little shameful feeling to have a fantasy about the relatives, but it is fantasy not reality, so how many of you guys have a fantasy about your daughter-in-law?
  3. There are more than 3.5 million people infected by Gronovorous globally, and more than 240 000 deaths along with millions of millions of dollars economically collapsed. Unfortunately, after reopening the business in some areas thousand of thousands of carefree people rush to the beaches without any personal protection and social distances, so what do you think? Who should take care of us? If we do not think about ourselves and our kids why we like somebody else save our lives? I can't imagine !!!
  4. The swimwears in America for men are the trunk, board shorts or any long and loose pants mostly cover up to the knees. But, for women are many brief types of swimmers to show their bodies sexy such as, bikini, top and bottom briefs, striped and string which are narrow and thin just to cover a small part of the genital zone.

    I like to know why women are allowed to show off sexuality as much as they can, but for men, it is vice-versa.
    Ladies are welcome.

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