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  1. I miss my past ,I want to do it over , I want to do it better . In my youth I was shy as a teen I was small and often bullied . I was about 14 in the 8th grade and 3 biger boys forced me down and made me suck their dicks. Well I liked it .I did it a lot some times in school , on the buss a few times ,and on the weekends . two and three friends at a time even a teacher . That was Indiana and I would do it for the asking and even asked a few if I could do it for them . I left there in 1980 went to Las Vegas lived with my cousin at first and made a friend and he showed me the Glory Holes .I had a lot of friends after that parties every night and started doing anal . After that free drugs sex all the time ,life was good . lots of hard dick ,I had a taste for it . Had my first black dick at a party and wound up going to his place and stayed there about a month he had a few friends and wow got to eat pussy and dick . I ate pussy full of cum while being fucked in the ass Big black cock . I loved being that guy .I like it when it gets rough and they cum in my face or force their cock down my throat and make me gag. It feels good to have a hard big cock in my ass pounding me hard and a big hard cock jammed in my mouth I cant get enough .once I was tied to a bed for 3 days and took a shot of something it was liquid LSD they took turns and I swear there was cock comeing out my mouth and sometimes they would pass each other from each end. I wish I could be part of a groop again.I'd like to try Golden Showers I want to have someone gush on me to feel the warm piss splash on my face to drink again from a hard cock eat pussy full of cum.I want to fuck and suck 10 big cocks cum in my mouth spill a load on my face and fill my nasel cavity so I can suck it up like snot .I miss the tast of cock anf the feel of forcing a big one all the way in till I convulse .I only use dildo's now big ones that stick to the wall 18'' long and stretches my ass .I suck a duble dong 16'' to the hilt.The Doc Johnson makes me bleed a little and I can barly get the head in my throat. Well I;m ready to play with some real men and woman
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  2. I feel it every day that urge it takes my brain around the world I feel it I see it first thing in the morning with a rock hard that wont quit I desire a fine young lady but I'll take what ever . When I was younger I eat pussy and sucked dick a lot mostly dick then I moved away and stoped doing that got married and 30 years later finnaly got tired of that sorry life I got a divorce so here I go let it all out take it all in ha ha .
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  3. I'm glad I found this site! I was unable to put anything like this down anywhere else . I let my guard down And let the sin creep back in, I let myself be wild again . all the stuff from my past came rushing back and with it the pleasure of unsatisfied lust for things forbidden. I got so horny I jacked off 2 times slept 3 hours and could not wait to get back and post it here.
    yesterday I got a flyer from a discount video store from California and after brousing it for a few minites went on line and a few hours later spent $125 on toys ang got a few free DVDs cant wait to get those I guess the drugs will be next then hours of stretching and chocking and watching and then looking 4 a few new friends oh my selfish desire!!!
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