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  1. When the time circles round
    And comes to bite you on your ass
    You know that what you have not done
    May never get to Be.

    Well damn, went to write something else and this shows up ....

    All Be Comes appropriate if we listen closely :....

    Did you know ? I read and re-read again and again all that I send to you, especially from writings, I've sent so many of lately, that come through and inspire me; finding that even those from long ago talk to me if I listen.

    Believe it or not, I Know you are not me. I do not really expect my Way of walking in my shoes to be your Way. Which is why I end with Fly High True to Self. Yours to decide, choose and do as you Live your choices - how can it be any other Way ? ? ?

    Loving me I love you and l feel you close, and recognize with empathy what you go through but how can I not know that what is yours is not mine ? That I must True to Self Be ? Damn - I do strive to pay attention and not just Talk a Way of Being that should be able to be seen in how I live my Being !

    Love you Trust you, loving me trusting me - are somehow intimately connected - Yes ? !

    Fly High - True to Self.

    Enjoy - wonderful opportunities abound All Ways and every Way.

  2. Yes, life is always what we make of it. Does not mean that we should not strive for more. To become so self satisfied with what one has and to desire no more, tends to lead to stagnation and decline of self. I have always felt the stimuli to become more than I am in every now I've ever been in. And for that I give thanks. Luckily for me, most of my focus has been on my interior life. The exterior, while important enough to maintain so that I do not feel distracted and the need to focus on it to survive as I might wish, as long as there is a modicum of space and a way to achieve a good focus on what I do consider important. As long as I can grow in awareness and learn interior peace and balance - I become happy and wish to open to more of the same - beyond where I have ever been into the Wholeness with the All so that my individual facet might be all that it can be. Because in becoming more whole there is such obvious connection to All, I wish to share that ecstasy and peace and balance with others who are like minded enough that they also wish to move into being more, and to also stimulate those who have not the same desire to See that therein comes the peace and joy and balance that they never find in the material.

    And so I strive the more to open to that which takes me to that place of connection to all and striving to grow the all the more beyond what is now or has been on any level. For to think we cannot become more makes it so the struggle to become more has no meaning and complacency and eventually despair follow.

    We can only take with us on our journey into the beyond that which does not depend upon the exterior material and which lives within our being as we have made it by becoming more progressively in every now.

    May your life bring you joy and peace, and help you take yourself into that more beyond.

    I enjoy sharing with you and our love has helped me grow - many thanks.

    Fly High - True to Self.

    Enjoy !


    Life is an opportunity and becomes what we make of it.
    May the Light of Love guide our Way.
    Grow on,
    Enjoy !
    Peace Blessings
    lobo duro (oldwolf) waysharer
    hotmail address is nomadhermit
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  3. Having a real sense of 'I Existed' before this lifetime, and the sense of chrysalis, continuation reaching forward; a feeling of just being on the edge of re-connecting to that part of the Self dulled in the drama, maya time of the short-timer, to reach beyond .... hehe - and to know that as in shitting, hard pushing can lead to other ailments, and that it's better to relax and in balance, allow the flow. All helps us along the Way. A sense of Connectivity, and the possibility of Growing that All share in as we Open to it. A sense that ALL includes much more and Opening to it is a daring challenge that calls the Self .... a demanding of inner and outer realities balance and some understandings as to 'appropriate action' ahahahaha - but it CAN happen. And at any moment an individual can experience an 'enlightenment' beyond what was thought previously known. Often to only see footprints in the sand to show that others had come this Way. Connectivity echoes through ALL, enabling and empowering; helping the Growth of Awareness ... - OPENING

    Have a good one.
    Fly High.
    Enjoy !
  4. The Past matters not so much by what “happened',
    As by what we “DO' with it.
  5. Life is but a myriad of opportunities presented when few can be chosen, and many unchosen for the one chosen.

    And yet at any time we, as our own creators, can weight our decisions in different directions, which will slowly tip the tide toward that direction ....

    Actions and Awareness of results; being true to Self, with no excuses nor denials, become one of the greatest things we can gift ourselves.

    And giving over to the higherSelf become obvious choices offered to us again and again that would lead to the best for all and self "¦. and we Know this - "¦.

    If you've ever been around someone who has done this , then you know that humility and service are keys that work so well in helping others find their own Way"¦..for the Way of 1 is unique (we all Iive alone inside our heads, which spend so much time talking to us, drowning out the magnificence of Existence).

    So if in any way my attempts to share have in any way helped another to come home to embrace their Self and act as such "¦..

    Blessed Be

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