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  1. I had always been intrigued by the idea of anal sex. Something about giving it to a woman in her ass just turned me on. I knew though that my wife being the conservative Christian she was would not be interested in something like that. I mean it took me 3 years to convince her that me giving her oral sex would be great. The first time I tried oral sex on her she orgasmed twice in like 5 minutes. It took her off guard, but she loves when I go down on her now. I wanted to bring up the idea of anal sex, but wasn't sure how to do it.

    One night, I got home from work and no one was there except for Alexis, my wife. Now Alexis has given me three children, so her body is not what it used to be. She is about 5'4" and probably weighs around 150 or so. She comfortably can wear a size 16 pants and can squeeze in a tight size 14 dress. She has 42DD breasts and to be quite honest, an ass that just won't quit. Her breasts droop a little more than I would like, but when you nurse 3 children, stuff happens. I can't complain though. We typically have sex around 2 to 3 times a week, mostly on weekends and normally sleep together naked every night except when her monthly visitor comes around.

    When I see her, she is wearing one of my favorite outfits. She has on 3.5" black pumps, tight black leggings and a form fitting red top that just covers her ass and crotch. It's very sexy. I promptly ask her, "Where are the kids?"

    "At mom's. I thought we could use a night alone."

    "Nice...what did you have in mind?"

    "That was going to be my question to you. What would you like to do to me? I'm up for anything. I've had a few drinks, so I'm really relaxed."

    " Well, I know that you love when I go down on you! Have you ever thought about going down on me?"

    "You mean you want me to suck your cock?" I love it when she talks dirty!

    "Yes, that's what I mean."

    "Ok, what else?"

    "Have you ever thought of playing with yourself in front of me and giving yourself an orgasm? Maybe even on camera?"

    "So, you want me to masturbate in front of you and get myself off before you even touch me?"

    "Yes....that's what I want!"

    "Anything else?"

    "Have you ever though about doing anal sex? You can say no if you want's okay!"

    "I would love for you to fuck my ass!! Can I put a dildo in my pussy while you fuck my ass?"

    "Ok....who are you and what have you done with my wife?" I said very confused.

    "It's me silly. I just know that you would like to do other things and I have been reading a lot on how to make your husband happy sexually. One of those things was to try and find out what they like. I know that you love me in leggings and you love to touch my ass. I started reading some about anal sex and chatting with some people online about how it works, feels, and so on. I am very interested in you doing that to me. I especially want to feel what it's like to be double penetrated. Only your cock of course, but a dildo in either my pussy or my ass. Are you OK with that?"

    "I am very OK with that! So how do we start?"

    "Well...let's go to the bedroom and I'll get started!"

    We go to our bedroom and she already has some toys on the bedside table along with some lube. She has a huge dildo and a small buzzing toy for her.

    "Get your camera ready!" she tells me with an extremely sexy smile on her face.

    She lays down on the bed and starts to rub her hands up and down her legs and all around her breasts. She reaches her fingers down her leggings and starts to play with her pussy. "Oh, oh yeah! That's good! Oh honey, I may have to do this more often, I know just where to touch! Are you getting this?"

    "Yes I am. Do you need help getting your clothes?"

    "No...I can get it!" She stops touching herself and starts dancing for me on the bed on her knees. She slowly takes her top off and then her bra. She pulls her breast up to her mouth and licks her own nipple and even bites it which makes her whole body convulse. She lays back down with her leggings still on and pulls them down to her knees. She's not wearing underwear....that's hot! "Take my leggings off of me but leave my shoes on! I'm going to be your own personal porn star tonight."

    I do as I'm told and she spreads her legs so she can get access to her pussy. She grabs the dildo and lubes it up. Then she sticks the dildo in her pussy and starts fucking herself with it. "Oh yes...oh God, yes! It's so big. I'm going to stick it all the way up my pussy!" With a hard push, she pushes it all the way in where only the big round end is showing. This dildo was at least 9 inches long. "Oh god, that cock feels so good! Oh my god....I need to cum!" She grabs her little buzzer toy and starts to play with her ****.....the dildo still inside of her! She is convulsing wildly now. The vibration is definitely doing its job. "Oh God....yes...Oh, I'm going to cum so good!" With her free hand she starts playing with her breasts. "Oh God...yes...I'm cumming....I'm cumming! AHHHH!" She convulses and rolls all over the bed while moaning...the dildo in her the whole time. "Oh wow...I have got to masturbate more often. Next time it will be in the shower! WOW!" She starts fucking herself with the dildo some more. "Ok baby...take off your clothes and put that camera on a tripod. We are going to give ourselves a porno to watch later. Mmmmm....I want your cock in my mouth baby!"

    I am extremely hard at this point. I take off my clothes and get ready to climb on the bed. "No" she says, "I want you to stand up and me kneel down to suck your cock! Your sex slave wants to make you happy!"

    "You've already made me happy!" She kneels down in front of me and starts playing with my balls. She puts them in her mouth and fondles them with her tongue. Finally she lets go and opens her mouth wide for my cock. She starts sucking on the head and then eventually sticks more of my cock in her mouth. "Ohhh...that's nice! Suck my cock you dirty girl!"

    "Call me whatever you want. I am your sex slave tonight!"

    "That's right, you little slut! Suck on my cock....make me cum!"

    She keeps sucking on it....she's really good for someone who had never done it before. She says, "Fuck my mouth master, fuck my mouth!" I start fucking her mouth with my cock and she gags some on my cock. Her eyes open wide when my cock goes down her throat. "Oh God!" she says.
    "Do that again! Fuck my throat!" I started pumping her mouth with my cock to where she's gagging every time my cock goes down her throat.

    I can tell I'm going to cum soon and she doesn't stop. "Oh God, baby...I'm going to cum soon! Are you sure you want that?" She starts jacking my cock with her hand and sucking my head. "Here it comes baby...just for you! Arghhh!" I cum in her mouth with my cock in her mouth! She keeps sucking my cock. She lets go of my cock, stands up to look me in the eye and swallows. She swallowed all my cum.....holy shit! Who is this woman? "Who are you?" I ask.

    She says, "I told you....I'm your own personal porn star! Isn't that what they do? Swallow their man's cum? It tastes really good. I like it!"

    She realizes I need a break to recover before the next part, so we watch the first part of our homemade porno. She gets turned on watching it and starts playing with herself again. She grabs the dildo and places it on a pillow on the bed. She then squats down on it and starts riding the dildo with the help of a pillow. "Oh yeah" she squeals. " want me to ride your cock like this?"

    "Hell yes! I'm ready for that." I lay down and she gets on top of me and starts fucking my cock with all her might!

    "Oh god, your cock feels so good in my pussy! Oh....I want to cum with you in my pussy! Oh God yes! Oh God....OHHHH...YESSSS! She cums and collapses on me. I lay there for a minute with my cock still in her pussy and her breathing really hard. Eventually, she says, "Ok.....time for you to fuck my ass!"

    She lays on her stomach and spreads her legs. "Have fun!" She says. I immediately begin licking and sucking her ass cheeks. I even bite her which she moans with...."Oh yeah, bit me ass!" I do it again and she starts to squirm, "Oh God...that hurts....please bite my ass again. I continue to bite her ass and eventually reach her ass hole where I stick my tongue in her anus. "Oh god.....your tongue is in my ass. Oh God, this feels so good! Holy shit....stick it in further! You have to at least lick my ass every time we have sex from now on! Oh my God!"

    "Are you ready for my cock now? Get on your knees!" She gets on her knees and I lube up my cock and her ass a little bit. I begin by sticking my cock head in! It goes in fairly easily!

    "Oh...that feels good! What about the rest?"

    "I think we should take our time!" I let it rest there for a little bit and then start to force it in.

    "Oh...oh...that's good! It hurts a little, but I can take it...stick it in further!" I go a little more where about half of my cock is in her ass. "Ouch...that hurts...stay there for a minute!" I do as I'm told and eventually she starts rocking back and forth.

    "I'm going for a little more now!"

    "Ok...I'm ready!" I shove a little more of my cock and finally her sphincter relaxes and my cock slides right in.

    "OH MY GOD! I love this! Please fuck me hard in the ass!"

    I start to fuck her really hard...smacking her ass the whole time. She grabs the dildo and sticks it in her pussy! It's at this point that I start to lose control a little bit.

    "You like that don't you? You like being fucked in the ass don't you? I am fucking your ass and it feels great! You are a little cock whore, aren't you?"

    "Oh GOD....I love you fucking my ass! I don't ever want you to fuck my pussy again! Just my ass! Fuck it baby! Oh YEAH!!"

    "Are you my little porn star slut? You like getting fucked in the ass, don't you?"

    "I'm your slut baby! Please keep fucking me!" I continue to fuck her and then it happens!

    "Stop....I want to do it!" She tells me to lie down and she climbs on top me and start fucking me with her ass! She puts her feet on the bed and squat fucks me with her ass!

    "Oh yeah baby....fuck me like that! You like that cock in your ass, don't you? Make yourself cum!"

    "Ohhhh God......I'm going to cum with you in my ass! OHH GOD...YESSS! I'M CUMMIN!!!! ARGHHH!" She collapses on top me panting. "That was awesome! Let's do that more often!"

    "I'm not done yet!"

    "Oh yeah...sorry!" She starts fucking me again with a huge smile on her face! "You like that? You want to cum in my ass? Cum for me baby!"

    "Oh yeah...fuck me you slut! Fuck me hard!" She starts bouncing up and down on my cock super fast. Our skin is slapping against one another!

    "Oh almost there baby? I'm going to cum again!"

    "I'm going to cum too..don't stop fucking me baby!" She cums again but just keeps on fucking through it. She is screaming at the top of her lungs.

    "Oh GOD....cum in my ass baby! Cum all in my ass baby!"

    "Here it comes.....ARGHHH!!!!!" I cum inside her ass and we both collapse.

    She kisses me passionately for a few minutes. When she stops, she looks at me and says, "Promise me you will always fuck me like that. I love you and your cock. I especially love it in my ass! Promise me you will fuck me and only me like that!"

    "I promise....I love you naughty little pornstar!"

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