Right or Wrong it's how I feel
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  1. First a little about me. I am 53 retired with the means to do just about anything I want. Three years ago after I retired I spend the first years traveling the Eastern US. But I soon came to the fact that it was just no fun by myself. No one to say OMG look at that to. I am sure you get the idea. So I have tried the dating sites to meet someone and that had turned be a really soul crushing experience. I never thought something like that could hurt me that much. To write respectful and kind message to people. Only to see them deleted with not even being read, replied to with so much as a thank you, just ignored, and all this with out looking at my profile at all. Why ? I would have to guess it's because they didn't like my pictures. The same one I have on here by the way.

    So why feeling sorry for my self. Because I feel like I am wasting the best part of my life. I can go and do just about anything I want. But I am sitting at home righting this. I could die tomorrow who knows. And have never bean to Alaska or the Black Hill or etc etc. Well you get the idea. I have got to find a way to change that. I am sick of feeling this way and so alone.

    I am sorry I am not a better writer and I hope you get the idea !

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