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  1. I completed my psychology/ social work certificate from Stratford career institute. I am going to be a human resource advisor. I will be helping people looking up resources to help people improve their lives.

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  2. A small log cabin
    With a solid oak dock
    Writing my poems
    Organizing canned food for the hungry in my food trailer
    A swing on my front porch
    Watching the bats fly around
    And the moon come out
    My lake shimmers in the moonlight
    Now I am in eternal paradise

    Poem by;
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  3. I have studied many philosophies
    Experimented with different religions
    Now I will create my own school of philosophy
    Free spiritism
    Living on your own terms
    With or without a higher power
    You are your own creator
    Making the life you want
    And erasing who and what you don't want in your life.
    Happiness and freedom is the highest good
    Free to be your authentic self
    Not who society wants you to be
    If you do believe in a higher power
    Wouldn't the higher power wants you to be happy and free
    You owe yourself that
    Kick unnecessary bullshit to the curb
    No worries the garage people will come pick up the bullshit
    And throw it in the dump and incinerate it

    Poem by;

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  4. To sit by myself in a quiet place
    No one is asking me to do something.
    No one pestering me about nonsense.
    I can hear my thoughts and follow my inner guidance.
    To be away from people
    Go hang out with the trees and squirrels
    Some call me antisocial
    I call myself a introspective Hermit
    Following my Bliss
    Practicing my religion of freedom.

    Poem by;

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  5. I was walking to work one morning
    Worried about what prep I there was to do.
    I noticed trees and the light breeze
    I could be just like them
    Living in the moment
    Being free to enjoy life.
    Taking things as they come
    No more worries for me

    Poem by;
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