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  1. New and Old

    Laws and traditions old acquisitions
    truths laid bare assume it's fare no more cessation
    ignorance blissful however can't claim
    wake up surrounded and grounded by the game
    Red tape and puzzle pieces spread in time read the same
    rigged consecration like a fig tree that never figged
    cut it down? No, paint it like a clown, a mirror to how you lived
    Maybe not I, Oh yoU see it all cursed to fall
    Eye owed for seed sewn fast grown fruit pre loaned
    fig yours, but wanna call it knowledge? figures...
    ate of it too young now the tree's dead
    but how you sung knew free at least in your head
    despite what was said and left in time
    the same that you read now putting in rhyme
    seeds I sew to plant trees to answer the age old
    that question; who owns a soul? If I may be so bold
    That's what I'm told anchored in water cold
    A wind blows and air picks up steam life like a dream
    I even got a team and know that at first glance
    I look as in a trance, but I ask to get a chance
    perhaps I'm a snake tread on eating my tail
    biting my tongue from telling my tale.
    make it for sale or free on your cell arrive with a bell
    A tree that bears no fruit still reaches to the heavens
    so why cut it down luck or no triple sevens
    more to prove than most it's fruit the holy ghost
  2. Roses are red violets are blue
    But they lose they're beauty when next to you. So radiant a tiger lily to claim as mine! no fighting chance however against your shine. Morning glories are looked as failures to your accomplishment and allure but I'm comparing the beauty of sight and smell to the most beautiful song of light to tell.

    My blog of the day took hours to say how I feel it was a long rough draft with many mistakes not the least bit ammused by frivolous make. I try this way to put down how soon all may at one time feel, but as an aside flowers are fleeting gods beauty on a small scale even if you put them all together to my melody they'd all pail.
    You like this.
  3. Well we are slaves in many ways
    Forget what the constitution says
    Born with number for sure don't forget
    The depts given to you at birth rit
    So we go to school to learn the bell
    It's not a curve but to your true nature’s hell
    When you start getting older look around
    You listen to music hear muffled sounds
    Cry's for help go out to ears that are shut
    Can't worry about others You’re in a rut
    But we should stop for a second and listen
    Not just hear but give all your attention
    Same song and dance played out I know
    But it is different... I heard it from a crow
    It's bigger than you is a cop out to utter
    if your alone we're all one together don't stutter, take the rudder, get out the gutter!
    We do it together who said it had to be?
    One of 2 ways which splits us in three¿
    I just want you to wake up a bit
    While the jokes alive get it
    Not even as bad as I make things out
    Even with limitations we can make a route
    Corona is sun or sol and many things even
    Like the album cover "from chaos" by 311
    Get hip or fight a fight that's been going for years.
    WW3? We been fighting each other still WW1!
    Didn't start with a gun or duke or a bomb
    Started cause long time ago over everyone’s Mom.
    Had to eat that fruit we were doomed out the gate!
    Leave it to a woman to dictate fate, but it's never to late, we can open that gate
    Cause the bible holds truths believe or not
    The stories passed down written and got.
    Argue all day it's a tool to use or use against.
    I'm all about Jesus like me he had ta bum
    Hold onto his teachings but to idols thumb
    If he died for our sins stop kneeling at crosses.
    Jesus Emanuel you read that once it's there
    So be kind to others don't use laws to care
    Or signs to hurt, lawyers to torment it's all in the book. The stories are all over plain to see

    Corona is bad but don't give it your rights Consider it a sun virus words have might.
    Or a cheap beer not bad with a lime
    Kick back and make your own time
  4. I've been using music to get my point's across lately. It works unfortunately it works both ways too. I see all music in a different light these days, and if for some reason It doesn't make sense at the time it will later I'm sure. So much left out there to discover. Trying to do things the right way. Hard to take the middle path of confusion.
  5. I like big woman. Whew glad to get that off my chest peace

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