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  1. First some background..I am a 69 year old male, 62 year old wife, married for 6 years, second marriage for both. When we first got together, it was sex, all the time, 3 or 4 times a day sometimes...but as I got older I 'needed a little help'. A quick trip to the Doc, and I had a scrip for Viagra.

    Now ..she is insatiable..for sex..especially blowjobs.
    Just last night, we were sitting watching tv, she turned to me, and said "I want to suck cock tonight"
    No "Let's Fuck", .but straight to the point. "I want to suck your cock".

    She has been 'practicing' deepthroat; for awhile now, no gag reflex, but she cannot keep her mouth off my last night, she spent at least an "HOUR" sucking me, and taking me as deep as she could, without a problem. Her mouth is my 'Happy place', and she KNOWS it!

    She hates the taste of cum I made a suggestion..pineapple juice..
    Now, pineapple juice has always been used as a way to sweeten cum..for a MAN.
    My suggestion to her, is to DRINK a glass of pineapple juice AFTER! I cum in her mouth,,

    It sweetens cum...right?
    Now she is excited to try it.

    I will post results later.
    I get MORE BJ's now, than I have ever received in my life.
    which is fine with me..anything have her lovely lips caressing my cock..

    Has anyone else, {male), had results like this after taking viagra?
    Having your wife turn into a raging cockhound? I'm not complaining at all, but my BJ's have gone from a couple a MONTH, to a regular occurence, say ..4 or 5 times a week.
    Not bad for an old guy, but it seems as if she went from an occasional sucker into a lady who genuinely loves to hear my moans and groans..the smile does not leave her face as I watch her suck..

    The golden years..

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