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  1. So my current boyfriend and I have been talking since November of 2014. We didn't start off like any regular couple, it was just suppose to be fun and games and we were just hooking up. Like most girls, I ended up catching feelings in which he was aware of. He had ended up hooking up with his previous fling before me and when I found out I flipped shit and we quickly got over it because we obviously were at that awkward stage. We started going out months later, in which he than again hooked up with that girl but immediately told me of his infidelity this time around because he felt guilty due to "being in love". (point being that he showed some honesty)

    For a while before we officially got together, we had started talking about a threesome. I told him I didn't want it to be one of our friends (female friends), because I would have jealousy issues later down the road. Beginning of October, we decided to go to a metal rock concert together. There we met this really cute girl from about an hour away from where we are. We went our separate ways and later us two and my boyfriend's friend had gone to her and her girlfriends hotel room.

    We kept drinking and stayed up early into the next morning, the three of us had breakfast and the entire time my boyfriend and I had both been hitting on her. When we got back to the room from breakfast her and I continued by making out and having a little four-play with one another. My boyfriend came and walked in to this coming back from the bathroom and joined in. She was okay with it and continued by grabbing a condom from her bag. He started off with her, in which I had no issues with. I was aware that she was very sexy and we were both attracted to her.

    The issue with this was that he had made out with me once and put his hands down my panties than continued by focusing on her and having nothing to do with me. He made out with her, went down on her, and screwed her the entire time. I continued for a while to see if this would change, but he continued by pulling her out from under me while I was playing with her so he could have his turn again.
    I walked away feeling as though there was no point for me to be there. I quickly came back to state my issue to him and her, and we continued by leaving and going back to his place.

    He tried telling me he was having issues getting it up because he was drunk and that's why he focused on her because he wanted to bang her but couldn't. We argued about it throughout the next day and he quickly told me to drop it. I never said a word for the rest of the day til I got home and told him I thought it would be good for us to have a break. He continued by saying he didn't intentionally mean to ignore me and was going to "get to me". He thought I was having a "good time" in which is why he continued with what he was doing. He was very sure to mention I was the love of his life, yet he avoided having to do anything with me when there was another woman present? He told me this break would ruin our relationship... Please tell me if the break was the right thing to do or whether or not this whole "three-some" excuse was to bang somebody else. This isn't something I ever thought I'd deal with.

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