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  1. My man.

    Laying, naked, on the bed. On his stomach. Waiting for me.

    I straddle him resting my hard cock on the crack of his ass. I rub his broad muscular shoulders.

    I am white. He is black. We met on a hookup app but have become friends. We see each other as often as we can and are close friends as far as anyone else knows. He is gay. I am married.

    It started out as an experiment for me. I was curious.

    I massage him. He spreads his legs. I put my face between his ass cheeks and lick his asshole and he lets out a moan.

    He pushes his cock down between his legs and I lick and suck it from between his legs. It's much bigger than my cock. His dick is a beauty and feels so good in my mouth.

    He rolls over and I can now put my head down as far as I can until his cock reaches the back of my throat. It's too hard to push past my throat in this position. I squeeze it as tight as I can between my tongue and top of my mouth as I bob up and down on it.

    The feeling of his big warm cock in my mouth makes my own dick even harder. His pleasure is a big turn on for me.
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