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  1. Have you noticed whether your waitress is good looking or not? There is a new indicator being proposed that determines whether the economy is doing well or poorly simply by how hot the collective waitresses are in your local hangout or area.

    As the theory states, the better looking the waitresses, the poorer the state of the economy. The theory is that if the economy is doing poorer, then better looking waitresses will take those jobs that are available in the restaurant industry. However, if the waitresses aren't better looking, then that means the economy is doing well because the better looking waitresses will move up the job chain(if you will) into higher paying jobs such as a sales job or the like.

    This may sound like a far fetched idea, but restaurant owners have actually gone on record to share their hiring mindset. Many have said that in an economy that is declining, they will fire boys/men first, then the less attractive girls, and the most attractive girls will get let go last. Not all are like this as some will value a waitress' competence over her level of attractiveness.

    So is this a lagging indicator of the economy or a leading one? No, the theory is that this is even a leading indicator. The reason is that hotness can be hired on a contract basis and therefore it's a very flexible market.

    So this begs the question, will people tip more in a poor economy because their waitress is hotter, or will they tip more in a good economy, when they have more money, but their waitress is uglier? Let's be honest, the size of the tip will definitely be proportionate to a person's ability to tip. But make no mistake about it, a waitresses tip will also be better if they are better looking. You can call men pigs all that you want, but the fact remains that men will be more generous to a sweet and attractive lady that one who isn't attractive.
    So how much should I tip my waitress? Well, if you don't want to be a pig, calculate the tip the same for all of them. But if you want to reward the ones who are more attractive, then tip more for those. Just beware when you start seeing a higher quantity of better looking waitress, the economy may be on the decline! But as always, be sure to use a number of other indicators, don't simply use this one alone!

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