vyvanse euphoria
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  1. Recently got some vyvanse 70mg, any tips or advice on how to increase the speed/euphoria type effect? Thanks
  2. Currently on a vyvanse "binge" I guess you could say, I took a 70mg vyvanse around 7:40pm, eastern time, didn't experience much*euphoria*but could notice a little of the effects, took another one at about 2:30am, and another at about 9:00am, question is, is there any way of potentiating vyvanse to bring out the euphoric speedy effect that i used to get? Any tips or recconmendations are greatly appreciated, Thanks
  3. Is there any possible way to get the euphoria speed type effects back out of vyvanse, I took a 70mg vyvanse yesterday around 7:40pm eastern, redose at 2:40 and yet to experience the euphoria that I used to, any tips or recommendations on what I should do to get the rush back would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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