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  1. My husband is bi. We have had threesomes with guys before. We started fantasizing about pegging. Then we tried it and liked it. We then had a threesome with a bi curious guy, who I asked politely before any action took place, if I could put my strap on dildo on and fuck my husband while he sucked his dick. He said yes and to my great pleasure, as I was watching my dildo go in my husbands ass I glanced up to see the pure look of lust on his face. I asked him if he wanted to watch and he did. We enjoyed talking and watching. It was very exciting.

    I didn't know I would be turned on by any of this. But I am. Finding another guy to do this with has been difficult. I don't know how to search now that Craig's list personals are down. This was our tool to find guys to play with. I vetted them out.

    Im wondering if Im missing out on a whole connection of people who enjoy experimenting and play.
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