local medicine --- faraway lies --- space for the cosmos
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  1. There was no day break in the Navajo valley
    where the star porters had landed Dos Equis
    Scuttlin' in from hurrican vectors that lit the back-lit veil
    A shroud of parachutes cabled with uncomfortable rust anchors
    Set out around their camp to mark the passing of drunken ages

    They had passed all night that way; a dull canopy it was..........
    At first. They had rolled in their canvas in order to set up
    A cordon of maps, clear and transluscent, of VAlles Marineris,
    The Marwyth section where adventures before had been purged
    of their memory, focusing too clearly on their imminent self-destruction

    Whitey Ford could be found, in theory, pummeling direction and
    disparaging remarks into the various discordant Marines
    Well-prepared for the under-taking of securing the greek-fire agreement
    Holding down the weight of massive pylons, under threat of atmospheric
    Collapse, and/or radioactive fallout-from the war-head polar agreements
  2. Perhaps it was an Arabian rock, my eyes misting the clouds
    of the heightened slopes steep and hidden
    from Hadley's Rille ridged to the Fra Mauro
    like the Snows of Kilimanjaro
    with spring vermouth
    your raspberry lips affectionate
    and haunted like a cheap wine .

    First opened on the meadow beneath the snowfields
    where the milk of melted snows
    turned into rivers .
    I opened the cinnamon tincture to turn you into a flower
    and caused your heart to blossom promise
    true to the one; and, the many ..
    turned against you with your beauty against
    all possibility of hopes to grow something new

    Across the fields the wind crept up and lifted the hot sage
    currying such sweet smells that we could not believe
    would last except for the nutmeg
    to go with your breeze o' tea
    and the scent of life to trace, the promise.....
    you could not help but keep
    but keep your promise to me looking above into the sky
    for mysteries
    and then below.
    into the valley
    where the quiet villagers keep
    the light that was given to them
    by Prometheus, the nasty brother
  3. I love this time of year, with ample candy apple,
    peppermint bon, tangerine dreams
    supple sassyfrass julips drinking in
    the endless autumn chill
    with pomp and sass in their shoulders
    and sheen in theiir supple golden thighs

    Yet dry like Sagamore
    and bumming bumble-bees ashore
    waiting for you to dance them
    and spy the maskettes that she makes
    When attending your prayers and vigils

    I will attend to you with whiskey
    Coca cola, lemon and tea
    Drink you down to the creek
    and cross you there

    and there

    Forever I will live in your eyes
    Sure and gentle
    like the old oak of our den, of our forest glen
    Where strawberries weep sugar and crystal falls
    the Dawn Always
  4. the primrose priming parades parading hematite growth
    grown by the light of hermetically sealed tomes
    under and within the canopy of fresh-aired domes

    this unshamed shame uncrossed and liberated
    the new per annum tax code
    the martian year: some six hundred and sixty fucking days
    by tour of Sol
  5. The love I meant
    went to this umbrella
    Umbrella of brillo, asperdine and amphetamine
    gutteral noises,
    desperate fantasies
    where is my coonskin cap, my unholy longing
    my body vanished
    shuttle cock and poppy seed
    adventures unvanished