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  1. Hi and PEACE!

    I am a 57 year young man fed up with the so called modern society and its financial, religious, and political constraints. I was born in the 50s, raised in the 60s, lived in the 70s, and survived the rest of my years. I was born and raised a simple country boy in the Adirondack Mountains of NY. Grew up in nature, loved and became part of nature, and have tried to carry on this tradition in modern society once leaving the freedoms of the great outdoors, living off and working the land, being sustainable. I long for that freedom and sustainability mother earth has so richly given me in my youth. I long for the fellowship and working together with like minded people who's only goals are to commune together with each other and nature, free loving, peace, joy, and harmony.
    I am a hard worker, strong work ethics, family oriented, compassionate, sensitive, and just want to live the rest of my years in peace. I long for getting back to basics where I can purge my body and soul of all the toxins, corruption, greed, and stench of modern society. I recalled the "hippie communes" of my youth and wondered if any still existed. Back in the day I visited some and the experience was whole, exhilarating, enjoyable, and free. There was so much love, happiness, and comradely that does not exist in the "outside" world. We worked together, played together, built cabins and shelters together, sat around campfires, and bon fires, smoking, playing music, dancing and singing together most every night. We were self sustained and trusted mother earth and each other to provide for our needs.
    I am interested to find out if any places like this exist anymore and where. Sites I found on the internet where more of retreats and had little chance of becoming residents or members of the communes. Where are the good old grass roots communes located now?

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