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  1. a wonderful day
    i have a wonderful girlfriend her name is jessica ive had a crush on her since HS 10 yrs later
    and im 28 were together and having a great time :poutingcat:
    everyone i look forward 2 chatting with you on late nights on hipforums
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  2. made some salmon today
    it was good
    my usual is a bowl of ramen with a can of vegetables & tuna fish(its great!)
    bought some livers on sale 3 for about $5...nice buy + had a container of fresh diced onions
    extra spice...
    so you cook some livers IT FUCKING STINKS...nice try - but you can just open a window
    that sonofabitch needed to air out...however i rely on the truth that
    organs lizers/gizards OR anything i can get my hands on...HAS GOT TO BE REALLY GOOD 4 U!!! smart...
  3. bear with my now im going to try 2 elaborate a little bit on some ideas ive been having lately...
    skinny people all the time are asking what is the quickest way to put on some weight &
    the answer isnt milk
    what you need to do is:
    #1.get a slice of bacon(RAW)
    #2.wrap it in 3 tortillas
    #3.wrap that with a slice of cheese
    & put in microwave for a little bit then just heat it up & shazam
    about 10 of these simutaniously will add per pound!!!no lie...
  4. love my job at whataburger i really do but LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THERE BIGGEST RIP OFF!!!
    the A1 THICK N HARDY BURGER...i thought it was "something special"
    & i was looking through the walkin fridges/freezers to get more frys when i was looking around...
    ...noticed they only had 2 meat patties REGULAR n KIDS BURGER MEATs... i asked my manager "whats up with the A1 thick n hardy burger?"
    he said "nothing...its just A1 sauce on it..."
    i was like WTF i could PUT A1 ON IT AT MY HOUSE RITE? LOL BIGGEST RIP OFF!!!
  5. since HS ive heard lots of guys talk about fucking there gfs(not wives)in the ass
    is that because they are secretly gay & unable to avoid the standards of modern america
    of men marrying women?there are tons of secret gays out there...
    i know when a man is gay(and they are just fine getting along in the world)
    because they tend to be more friendly to guys
    me because im str8 i am friends with a few guys(not because im a hater its because i don't
    get along with friends i used to know...)
    but i notice alot of gay men *ignore women usually...funny...

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