I have faith in Humanity?!?
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  1. So I just started a thread on techniques for clearing negative energy and it got me thinking about this road trip I've been thinking about (its not a plan yet just an idea)

    The idea is to quit bad habits like smoking too much weed and even the thoughts you feel no longer serve you and go on a journey. This is something I have done before and may do again in a couple weeks.

    Given that I'm taking a month off from work it is something that is almost destined to happen for me almost organically.

    The idea is to travel far and wide with only the bare essentials, to suffer but to meditate and pray...to open yourself back up to that Universal spark in each and every one of us, then to come back with a fresh start.

    If you look at all the great mystics...if you look at the Buddha or if you look at Jesus...what did they do? They went for a walk....In this modern era I think one can come close by going for a drive. (Of course backpacking will always be an option too for the more adventurous)

    With few plans there is less chance of self-sabotage and its amazing how things line up and happen just as they are meant to.

    This is how I broke my kratom addiction (although I still do partake from time to time) and each time I've gone out there I've returned with a purer heart and mind.

    This time I am going to try and get even more "clean" than I've been in years, hopefully meet some interesting travelers along the way and give my brain a rest from screens in general as well as all the old ways of thinking and behaving.

    Of course safety is important (even if its mostly an illusion) so this is not one for the inexperienced driver or inexperienced traveler.

    It is just a powerful ritual that, if done properly with strong positive intention can really change your life and can be lots of fun too.

    It is not all fun when your on a tight budget but is anything in life that's really worth doing going to be easy?
  2. The good old days will not return.
    Shooting hoops for hours till the sun set and we had to go inside
    These days live on in the lives of others
    Oppurtunities lie ahead
    Things I can do now I couldn't as a kid
    Its all good but overrated
    At the end of the day growing up is overrated
    Still a kid at heart
    Still ride the shopping cart like a scooter
    Fuck the haters, the soul dead fakers
    The "good old days" is a myth
    Filtered mix of selected and inevitably subtly revised stories
    Good stories, real stories but one is alive as long as there's new stories
    Stories of what can be, infinite potentiality
    I see the kids shooting hoops
    As they await the day they grow up
    Only to realize the grass is always greener on the other side of the fense
    I want to scream at them wake up this is the best its gonna be
    But I never believed those crazy loons either
    And whos to say todays best days can't be tomorrows "good old days"
    That is how I go to sleep at night...
    Knowing that if I follow my heart through the dark and light
    The journey will merge with the destination
    And the "good old days" I shall cease to mention
    Without the pretention
    They live on in every new invention
    On this journey called life
    through the pain and the strife
    The good old days are here and now
    Forever present life's beauty does endow
    us with the oppurtunity
    to take it all in
    when we let it be

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