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  1. Hi everybody,
    I have been fishing and of course I’m doing it barefoot and I love it. I had some people ask me if I’m ok or do I need help . I asked them why are you all asking me that is it because I’m barefoot? And they said yes I told them I’m good I just don’t wear shoes or socks or boots at all they where surprised to see a barefoot guy at this time of the year. And the guy’s told me that they go barefoot in there homes but they don’t go barefoot outside they wear flip flops. And they don’t go barefoot outside this time of the year . I told them that I have been going barefoot for over 27 years and I love my lifestyle of being barefoot and I did tell them that I saved a lot of money not buying shoes or socks. And they ask do I go everywhere barefoot and I said yes stores to the movies and to restaurants but I do Carrie a pair of flip flops in my truck just in case I have to wear shoes. I really never had strangers ask me so Manny questions and they where positive questions. And they ask me my age and I told them my age I’m 51 years old. And they ask if I was married I said I was but not many more and it’s hard to find a woman Now day’s and to find one that is ok of a man that goes barefoot more than the lady’s do. But I will not change my lifestyle of going barefoot I really love my lifestyle and I do keep my bare feet looking good my solos do get jet black but the tops of my bare feet are clean and my toenails trimmed I get a Pedicure every month so when people look at my bare feet they look great. So as we where talking we where bring in some good size trout they where 15 inches long I got my Limit of trout so I packed up and said goodbye and now I have a few more fishing Buddies and they don’t mind me being barefoot. Will everybody keep barefooting
  2. I wishing everybody a happy new barefoot year. Will today my neighbor asked me if I could help him chopping wood for his smoker and I said yeah. So I went over and he said where are your boots . And I said don’t you remember that I don’t wear shoes or boots or sock. And he said but you are using a axes and I said I know I do this all the time when I’m camping hunting fishing and cutting my lawn and I do it all barefoot. He said please don’t miss the log and cut you bare feet off . I told him I will be careful I use to cut wood in my bare feet when I had a wood burning stove. And my neighbor was surprised that I chop wood barefoot and I go camping and hunting and hiking in my bare feet he has been with me fishing and we always catch our Limit of trout but when he goes fishing with out me he doesn’t catch anything he says my bare feet bring him and me good luck. Will everybody keep barefooting and I hope this year will be better then last year
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  3. I hope everybody has a safe and and have a new barefoot year . Today I was talking down Christmas lights and yes I’m doing it in my bare feet and it snowed last night and it feels great to be barefoot in the snow and people drive by and they slow down and ask me if my bare feet are cold I just tell them no my bare feet are use to it and ask you must be crazy I will tell no I’m barefoot 24 / 7 all year around. And will say oh how have I been going barefoot I tell the over 27 years. And they are like wow . But some of the women here in Utah really don’t like a guy that goes barefoot more then they do. But it’s a great lifestyle and I will not change my barefoot lifestyle . Some of my neighbors know who I am and they call me barefoot Rick . But some new neighbors think I’m crazy . But today it was a good conversation with the couple that ask me if I was cold in my bare feet. Will everybody have great barefoot new year and be safe tonight .
  4. Hi everybody,
    I hope everybody is having a every merry barefoot Christmas it was a little warmer today it was 37 degrees Fahrenheit and so I went for a little walk of course barefoot . And I had some people ask me if I was ok I said yes I’m fine I’m always barefoot and they said wow isn’t your bare feet cold I said no I have been going barefoot for over 27 years . They where surprised that a guy going barefoot 24/7 365 days a year . I said I love my lifestyle but it’s hard to find someone that is ok with a guy like me that goes barefoot more the some women . But also told them I save a lot of money not buying socks and shoes so I smiled and said merry Christmas and they said the same thing back and I finished my walk . Will everybody keep barefooting and merry Christmas .
  5. Hi everybody it’s been a long time that I haven’t written. I have been busy and doing everything barefoot. And last Friday it snowed and I was out there shoveling the snow and my new Neighbors where outside doing the same thing and I could here the one of them say look honey your neighbor is out snow shoveling barefoot the male said wow I can’t believe he’s not freezing. So the lady come over and we started talking and she ask about my bare feet and I told her that I have been going barefoot for over 27 years and I really don’t feel the cold it feels cool to me and I have conditioned my bare feet over the years and her husband said wow I wish I could do that and even his wife said that to . I said it never to late to start just listen to your body and look at your bare feet to make sure you don’t get frostbite. You just do a little at a time and soon you will be going barefoot in the winter . And they ask me if I would be there to make sure they do not get frostbite and I said ok and they said they seen me in the summer cutting my lawn and string trimming and I was barefoot the whole time. I told them I’m always barefoot all year around and I even drive barefoot and I think it is safer to drive barefoot the wearing shoes or flip flops and they said wow they really want to be full time barefoot I said I will help they as much as they want me to . They said great and I finished the snow removal and they where done removing there snow too it nice to inspire others to go barefoot and try the barefoot lifestyle it great I wish everybody would try it they might just see how great it is to live the barefoot lifestyle will everybody stay safe and keep barefooting
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