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  1. Hi everybody,
    Yesterday was a great day to be going barefoot and I did a lot of things barefoot. I even went for a 6 mile walk barefoot and I saw a lot of people walking in sandals and flip flops but nobody walking barefoot I was the only one. I did have a lot of people look at me and ask me where are your shoes and I said I don’t wear shoes the look on their face was like wow . They ask me if my feet are tough and I said yes they are but they need to be a little bit tougher now that it’s warmer I can go for longer barefoot walks. They said wow and they asked me what was the farthest that I have walked barefoot I told them 12 miles and it was awesome I’m hoping to go even farther like 15 to 20 miles barefoot. They were amazed that I’m going to try walking barefoot and walk barefoot up to 20 miles. I said yes after this storm pass that we are getting this weekend. Two of them ask if they could join me I said that would be awesome I really don’t like walking alone. And I ask if they are going to walk barefoot to they said no their feet are not that tough. So I said ok here’s my phone number and they said they can’t wait to see me walk barefoot that far. So I said well I have to go the other way and they said we will walk with you and we talked about all the places I have gone walking barefoot and all the different textures of ground. They are every interested on how I been going barefoot and how long I have been going barefoot to . So we talked and they were amazed. So after we got back to our car’s they gave me their number and they want to walk around more with me and I said it would be awesome so I said goodbye they said goodbye and I came home and I can’t wait to go for my walk after this storm passes today it’s going to rain and snow so I hope everybody keep going barefoot.
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  2. Today is a great day for going barefoot this morning the temperature was 50 degrees at 6:30 am . But this weekend it’s going to rain and snow and only be in the 30’s . I hope it snows I would love to walk barefoot one more time in the snow. I just love the feel of snow under my bare feet. And I love walking barefoot in the rain to . This morning I went to a barefoot walk and the ground felt so good no cold not hot just right. And I walked about 4 miles barefoot today and my feet feel so good I walked on grass , blacktop, and cement and wow I forgot how all of the texture felt. I got use to snow and ice and cold blacktop and cement and grass . And I can’t wait for spring and to be able to go hiking barefoot and do other things barefoot. Will everybody keep barefooting.
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  3. Hi everybody,
    It’s been a great barefoot day and this morning it’s was cold 33 degrees and now it’s 54 degrees and I did my barefoot walk and some other things that I had to do and it was so good to be outside and warm enough for a light jacket or long sleeve shirt and great barefoot weather. And one of my neighbors she joined me for a walk and she also walks barefoot and it was nice to walk with someone that loves to go barefoot as well. And when we got done with our walk she went home and I went home and I had to go to Walmart and grab a few things and so I went in barefoot like always and people look at me but they didn’t say a word. Then I was walking towards where they had some summer clothes out and I saw a lady and she was barefoot and her kids were barefoot to I was happy to see that I wasn’t the only one in Walmart that was barefoot. She looked at me and said it’s a nice day to be barefoot I said yes it is. And so I looked around and I left and went to the checkout paid for my things and when I was walking out of Walmart I saw another person walking in barefoot and he saw me and he smiled I smiled back . It was so awesome to see people going barefoot last year I really didn’t see people go barefoot but this year to see a few people going barefoot is really awesome I hope to see more people going barefoot this summer. Will everybody keep going barefoot.
  4. Today I had to do some errands and I had to stop at Walmart and the temperature today is in the 50’s and as I was walking in to Walmart I had some people look at me then at my bare feet. I was wearing my leggings with a light jacket and in my bare feet. And as I was looking at some vegetables two women were looking at me and one of them ask me if the floor is cold I said no it feels really good it nice and cool . They asked me if I do wear shoes and I said no I don’t wear any socks or shoes ever they said what you don’t?? I said I never wear socks or shoes I have been going barefoot for over 32 years and I love being barefoot. The said wow we never seen or heard of a guy going barefoot like you do . I said I really hate shoes and socks shoes hurt your feet and cause damage to your feet . They said wow I said look at women that wear high heels they get hammer toes they get bunions and high heels just make women’s toes look bad . They said that they have some friends that have had surgery for bunions and straighten their toes. But they end up back the way they were before. They ask me if I have foot problems and I said no I don’t and it’s awesome they ask me how long have I been going barefoot and I told them I have had going barefoot for over 32 years and and I love my barefoot lifestyle. They said that they would love to go barefoot but they don’t want to get there feet dirty. I laughed and said only the bottoms of your feet get dirty. And I showed them mine and they ask me if I do everything barefoot and I said yes I go for walks, fishing, hiking, and I workout barefoot and I drive barefoot as well I go to restaurants and stores barefoot. They both said like now I said yes and they ask me do your feet come clean I told them for now yes but spring is coming and summer is coming to and my bottoms of my bare feet get hard to clean they get stained from walking on blacktop and from stores and fast food places. Only of them ask me so you don’t have any foot problems I said no I don’t and being barefoot there are a lot of health benefits from going barefoot. And she was interested to hear more so she ask me if I could talk to her some more while we all shopped together and I said ok. So we shopped and talked about going barefoot and one of them was really interested in what I was saying the other one not as much . So she ask me if I have friends that go barefoot I said not like me but they go barefoot around there house and out in their yard. And they both asked me if I had a wife or a girlfriend and I said no I don’t have either one . They one that was interested ask me why and I said well I had a girlfriend and she said that she didn’t want to date or get married to someone that goes barefoot more than she does. She said that must of hurt I said yes it did and her friend said well you got to understand her point and I said but she should understand stand that it’s my lifestyle and I would never have anybody change their lifestyle so I’m happy . And one she now that something I wouldn’t ask anybody to do for me either. I smiled. So I noticed that both of them are wearing flip flops and the one that is interested in going barefoot was wearing toe rings and she noticed mine . And she told me her name is Mindy and her friend name was Ashley so we talk about places to go barefoot and then Mindy said ok I have made up my mind starting today I’m going barefoot and I’m not wearing any shoes or socks her friend Ashley said what and I said what Mindy said I want to be a full time barefooter and I said welcome to the barefoot lifestyle and community. Ashley ask her what about work Mindy said I will take me heels off at work and work barefoot around the office i was amazed that someone just made their mind up to go barefoot. Mindy ask so how do I toughen up my feet I told her to go barefoot more and walk on all different surfaces but listen to your body to it will tell you that your feet had enough of walking on rough surfaces it takes time to toughen up your bare feet. And as I was talk to the two ladies a guy came up and said that I’m always barefoot and that I even cut his lawn barefoot and string trimmed barefoot. I was my neighbor that lives down the street from me. And Mindy ask me if she could call me and I gave her my phone number and I told them that I need to go so I got what I needed and told both of them goodbye and I will keep you up on what happens. I hope that I will have someone to walk barefoot with but I’m not that lucky. Well everybody keep barefooting
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  5. Hi everybody,
    Today it’s really windy and it’s a little bit cold to . But it’s in the high 40’s great barefoot weather so I went for a walk and yes I was barefoot like I am right now . So as I was walking I heard a car come up behind me so I turned around it was a cop. He asked me to stop he walked to talk to me. So I did and he ask me if I’m ok if I needed help I said I’m good and I don’t need help . He ask me if I had any shoes I said no I’m a barefooter I don’t wear shoes. He said oh wow and I asked him if someone call the police to do a wellness check and he said yes.. all I said was wow I wish people would just mind their own business. He ask me if that has happened before I said yes . So he ask me for my ID and I gave it to him and he ask me if I wanted to wait in the back of his car I said no thanks. So he checked me out and then another cop pulled up and he said hey barefoot Rick how’s it going I sad well somebody call you guy’s to check up on me he laughed. The other cop said you must know him he said yes I do and this guy is always barefoot. He goes barefoot in the rain , snow, the heat he never wears shoes or socks or flip flops. And I ask my friend Troy so he must be new to the department he said yes he is . So Troy and I told the new guy about me and why I go barefoot and the newbie was really impressed. So the new guy Robert asked me how long have I been going barefoot and I told him over 32 years he was so amazed. Even Troy said that he had gone camping and hunting with me and he’s barefoot even when he is hunting and he goes fishing barefoot Robert was so amazed he ask me if I have tried wearing socks or shoes I said I have put a pair of shoes on and I immediately took them off and I told him that I can stand wearing them . So Troy said if you ever want to get your feet tough just talk to barefoot Rick and he can tell you how . So as we were talking they got a call so they said talk to you later I said ok and I told Robert that he would see me walking around more now that the weather is getting better and he said that he wants to get more info about going barefoot and how the health benefits are awesome. So they went there way I finished my walk . But before I got to my driveway my neighbor ask me if everything is ok I said yes why she said that she saw me talking to the police I said yes someone called them because they saw me walking around barefoot and the person was thinking that I needed help. She was like I don’t know why people see someone walking around barefoot that they need help or that they are homeless. Why can’t people just get use to the barefoot community and except us and our barefoot lifestyle . So we talked for a little bit and then I ask her if she would like to get some lunch and she said yes . And I noticed that she was barefoot to . And I said wow you’re going barefoot more and more she said yes I am I said good she told me ever sense last spring when she moved next to me and saw me working out in my yard barefoot and she introducing her self to me ( her name is Julie) and talking to about going barefoot Julie goes barefoot as much as she can . So we went to a restaurant that I know and that they welcome barefoot people. So we ate then drove home I said will thanks for going to lunch with me and she said thanks for lunch I said no problem she said next time she will pay and I said ok so I dropped her off and I came home and now I’m going to clean up my patio. Well everybody keep barefooting
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