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  1. Hot

    hi everybody it’s been hot and I get asked if my bare feet hurt? And all I can say is I don’t feel the heat . Yesterday I went to amc theatre to go see crawl . It was good but what i just don’t get is when you are walking in water that is to your knees why do you want to wear flip flops. The girl takes them off later . Me I can’t stand wearing shoes or socks or clothes. Will keep barefooting
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  2. Yesterday I had to go to the post office to get some envelopes to mail some papers to my best friend. So I drove to the post office and yes I was barefoot like always. I went inside and I notice that they moved the priority mail envelopes. The post office was really busy and where I was at looking for the envelopes there was two women and three guys there looking for the same thing I was . The lady’s looked at me said hi I said hi back. And one of them said oh wow your barefoot I said yes I am they ask me if the cement was hot on my bare feet? I said no it’s just right for my bare feet. They asked me if I’m always barefoot I said yes all year around. . They said you must save a lot of money not buying shoes or socks? I said yes but I could hear the guys saying that it’s not right for a guy to be barefoot all the time . I just looked at them I went back to my house got all the papers in order and put them in the envelope went back to the post office and it was still busy but not as it was earlier. So I was waiting for my turn I could see people in line would look to see was in line and I know most of the people there saw my bare feet . I love when people look at my bare feet. Most of them smiled and the others just gave me that look that I need to put shoes on . And as it was getting close for my turn at the counter the lady behind me said that she have keeper her shoes in her car . I turned and look at her and she said she drives barefoot but when she get where she is going she puts her flip/ flops on . I smiled and I said I know how it feels you don’t want to be ask to leave because you’re barefoot she said . Then I notice it was my turn and the lady at the counter said Can I help you I said i need this package to be in Texas by tomorrow afternoon. She said ok and she said now that must feel great walking around barefoot I said I love being barefoot and I’m barefoot all year around . Then she ask me if she could ask me a question I said sure she ask me if I shop at a Wal Mart she said the address and I said yes quite often . She said that she has seen me there shopping barefoot all the time and talking to some employees that I know who work there. She said that her husband and her two daughters and one son see me and they have heard some of the employees call me barefoot Rick I said yes that’s me . She also told me that after seeing me shop there barefoot now her and her family shop barefoot at Wal Mart . Her family loves being barefoot so I said next time you see me say hi and I will do the same. I got done what I need said bye and I heard someone say you need shoes in here and the lady at the counter said no you don’t . It was a customer say that not a postal worker . But the person didn’t say anything else but I notice people looking at my bare feet and I heard some say good I can come here barefoot and I don’t have to put shoes or sandals on . Will everybody keep barefooting
  3. Hot

    hi everybody the weather here is getting hot and I had to get on top of my roof to get my swamp cooler going and yes I did it barefoot and my new neighbor was watching me . And she asked if the roof was hot on my bare feet I said no my bare feet are use to it . And I notice she was barefoot and she said that the other day she saw me at Wal mart barefoot I said I’m always barefoot all year around. She ask even in the snow I said yes I use my snowblower and I’m barefoot . She said your feet must be tough I said a little she said that she wish she had tough bare feet . I said just go barefoot more like when you go to the store or to a fast food places or even a restaurant. Just go barefoot everywhere. She said when she saw me barefoot at Wal mart she took off her sandals and walk around barefoot but she was a little embarrassed . I said next time take someone with you to the store that goes barefoot too with you and that will help you feel more Secure . She asked if I would go with her I said yes if it’s ok with your husband or boyfriend she said she is single I said oh . Will next time you go anywhere and you want me to go with you barefoot I will . She said ok maybe tomorrow we go to Wal mart and walk around barefoot I said ok . And she walked back to her house and we will see what happens.everybody keep barefooting
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  4. Hi everybody it’s been raining here in Utah for a week now and the temperatures have gone from the 60 and up to 70’s now the temperatures are in the 50’s to 54 and the night in the 40’s . But it’s still great barefoot weather and I love the looks I get . And the cool rain feels great on my bare feet.. It takes me back when I love to walk in the rain barefoot and I would take my time walking to my house or to a friend house that they always ask you to remove your shoes. I would make sure the bottoms of my bare feet where clean . So today I went for a walk at a trail that I walk almost every day and today because of the rain there was some people there . And boy people looked at me I had a rain jacket on and long pants and barefoot. Some people said hi and that’s a good idea to walk barefoot instead of getting your socks and shoes all wet . But all in all by the time I went back to my truck some of the people that I talked to why I’m always barefoot the same people Were barefoot to and they said it takes them back as kids running around in the rain barefoot and they had really big smiles on there faces and that made me happy. So everyone keep barefooting
  5. today me and a friend of mine went to go see John wick 3 and yes I went barefoot. And it has been raining here for a week and the rain feel great on my bare feet. The employees didn’t say a word but I did get a smile from a girl that works there. I saw a lot of people in sandals and as we got to our seats I could hear the couple next to us say look that guy is barefoot . The guy ask me if I had shoes I said no I don’t wear shoes or socks I’m barefoot all year around. And he said I bet it’s safer to be barefoot then in flip flops or sandals in the rain . He said him and his wife feet slipped on the floor when they walked in the movie theater. But I did notice that they took off their sandals. So after the movie was over we walked out to the Lobby and it was raining real hard and the couple that sat next to us still had their sandals off people looked at our bare feet and some said now that’s smart that they are barefoot. It was a great day walking in the rain and inspired a couple to go barefoot at the movie. Everybody keep barefooting