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  1. Yesterday i went to a place where i go camping and hunting and of course I'm barefoot. It was a great day it was in the 70degrees and there was still snow here and there . So i did a little target practice and i was stepping on broken glass bottles. And after shooting for a bit i decided to go and walk around .Witch i did and the dirt and the rocks left so great and i miss doing that walking in the mountains. So i found a old cemetery and walking around barefoot and just looking at the head stones what year most where in the 1883 and up . Then i moved on and found another one and walked barefoot there too and most of the head stones where little children. After that i walk back to where i parked my truck and drove up to a watering hole and the snow was passed my ankles and it felt so good on my hot bare feet and even walk in mud and that felt really good. It was a great day to hike in the mountains barefoot a can't wait to do it again. Everybody keep barefooting
  2. Yesterday was the frist time i cut the lawn and yes i was barefoot and the fresh cut lawn felt great on my bare feet. My bare feet got nice and green with some black in it from my walk everywhere barefoot in the morning. So after i got done i use my blower to blow off the side walks and my driveway. Then went in to shower and after that i had to pick up some of my medication at CV'S. I walk in CV'S barefoot and nobody said a word but i got a lot of looks witch is fine i love when people look at my bare feet. And as i was getting in my truck i heard it's a nice day to be barefoot . i look to see who said that it was the pharmacist he was walking in to work i said yes it is and he said you must be a full time barefooter he said you came in and you never wear shoes. I said nope i hate shoes he said will have great day barefooting i said thanks and have a great day. Then i went to wal mart and boy people where looking at me and i could hear them said that guy is barefoot. And i could also hear the other person say it's a good day to go barefoot and if she didn't have to work she would be barefoot at wal mart too. I had to bend down to get a 20 pack of coke and i heard a lady say to her friend hey that guy is barefoot and look at the bottoms of his bare feet they are black as can be he must be a full time barefooter. So when i got up the two lady's said that they like to.see a guy go barefoot and not be a shame of going barefoot. I said i love being barefoot i have been a full-time barefooter for over 25 years. They said wow and said but it's hard to date most lady's will not date a guy likeme that goea barefoot more then they do. And one of them said that she would like to date a guy that goes barefoot because she goes barefoot when she can . I said maybe we could go out on a date she said ok i gave her my number and she gave my hers. It would nice to even have a friend that would go barefoot with me to places. Will everybody keep barefooting
  3. Today i and a friend of mine went to a Chinese buffet. And yes i went barefoot like i always do. I got a lot of crazy looks and people where talking i could here them . As we sat down the hostess looked at my bare feet and ask if i had shoes i said no i have gout and i can't where shoes or flip/ flops and she said oh ok i asked am i ok to eat here she said yes but i must be careful . I told here i will be careful and so i went to get my food and as i was doing that i notice that this young girl in here 20s was barefoot too as i was getting some shrimp she said it's a nice day to be barefoot i said yes it is . So she ask me did i take off my shoes or did i come to the Resturant barefoot ? I told her i came here barefoot and she said she also came here barefoot and no body said a ward. I told her that the hostess ask me if i had shoes and i told her no i did not. The girl ask if she could sit with me and talk about going barefoot and how we got started going barefoot. I said ok so she joined us and we talked about bare feet and how people think that it's not right to go barefoot in public. So we ate talked about bare feet and then we said good by and we went our different ways. So everybody keep barefooting
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  4. This morning i went to pick up my mom from the airport. And yes i was barefoot like I am everyday and the temperature was in the 28 degrees Fahrenheit. And the ground felt great on my bare feet and as i was walking through the airport to people where looking at me and my bare feet. The looks where like i was crazy or out of my mind. So as i was walking there was a city police officer and she was looking at me and she was looking at my bare feet and she was shaking her head. And so as i was waiting in the baggage claim i just happen to look at the bottoms of my bare feet they where jet black my bare feet where not that black but the floors are dirty from everybody coming and going from outside. I love when my bare feet are black ( the bottoms) and as i was waiting i did notice that the police officer started to come towards me and so i just stood there. And she started to ask questions why I'm barefoot and what i was doing their? So i told her that i was their to pick up my mom she came to visit me and she ask about my bare feet and i told her that i have a medical condition . I told her that i have gout in both feet and knee and hip. And that it is hard to wear shoes because my feet get swollen to where i can even wear socks. I also told here that i haven't worn shoes over 25years I'm a full time barefooter and my doctor has issued a statement that states why I'm barefoot .The officer didn't ask to see it she just said that i must have tough feet . I said will i can walk over broken glass and goat head thorns and nothing get stuck in my feet. She said that she love to be barefoot when she can and she wish she could work barefoot. So as we talk i notice that she just really wantef to know why I'm barefoot and that she also like being barefoot. So as i saw my mom i said it was nice talking to you and she ask me for my info and i ask if i was doing anything wrong she said no that she would like to call me and talk more about barefooting and my we can go somewhere that we can go barefoot and walk around. I said that would be great so my mom can up and ask if i was in trouble i said no she was wondering why i was barefoot and i told her and she wanted to know more about my barefoot history because she like to go places barefoot to. So i got my mom's bag and we went to where my truck is park and went to my house . Even as there was a little in the parking garage i walked through it and by the time we got to the truck i look at my bare feet ( the bottoms ) and they wherr still jet black . Everybody keep barefooting
  5. Hi everybody last Tuesday it snow a lot here in Utah and the city where i live we got 13inches of snow. It was a little of a pain but with my snow blower is was easier than shoveling. And yes i was out there in the snow barefoot. So i did my driveway and side walks. And down the street where a elderly couple live the husband was just getting ready to shovel i walk down and told him i would snow blow his driveway and sidewalks for him. So after i did mine i did the sidewalk down to his house and did his driveway and walk way to his front door. I notice that him and his wife were watching me out of their front room widow. As i finished the husband came out and said thanks and ask if my bare feet were frozen and he also ask me why i don't wear shoes. He told me him and his wife see me barefoot all the time but they never thought to see me barefoot in that much snow. I told him that i never liked shoes or socks even as a kid i would go barefoot everywhere i could until my dad would say get some shoes on . And when i did wear shoes i couldn't wait to take them off and my socks too. He ask if i wanted to come in and worm up my bare feet i said no they're fine just a little pink .So i started back to my house and a city snow plow went by and i notice he came back around. He pulled up to me and ask if everything ok i said yes and said i never see anyone snow blow there driveway and sidewalks in bare feet. And i heared his radio go off and the dispatcher ask him if he needed the police and ambulance? He said no everything is good so we started talking about going barefoot and he ask me how long have i gone barefoot and i told him over 25 years and he said wow that's a long time i said yes but i have no foot problems or back problems and i saved a lot of money not buying shoes and socks. We talked for about 10 to 20 minutes and then he said he had to get back to work . He ask if he could stop by and talk more about how healthy it is to go barefoot. I'm surprised that he wants to know more about going barefooting. Most guy's that i know don't go barefoot only when they shower or go swimming or on a boat. But it would be nice to see what he says about him self going barefoot more. Everybody keep barefooting