In search of a commune!!!
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  1. Hello ... I am very new to this site this is my first entry. I am hoping to find people or information on a commune located in either Alaska, Alabama, or Colorado... I am so beyond sick of the way this world operates and i feel as i am being drug down deeper and deeper into its black hole everyday... Me and my young and growing family need to find a way to be out in nature and be a part of it to find ourselves to finally be happy there is no other option we see... We are free loving, free spirited, open kinda people and want to expand that since todays world has a way of hindering it!!!! please help me i am unsure if places like this still even exsist but if so we want to find it and be a part of it ..... Thanks and have a beautiful day!!!! xoxoxoxoxo AwakwenMySenses

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