Everyday Life And How To Survive It
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  1. I'm not the type of person that can talk about themselves all the time, But my psychiatrist thinks it's best that I do so i can talk about my feelings and all the mumbo jumbo. So she suggested writing a blog and I stumbled upon this website that was perfect for writing about my every other day experienced that I will say is my life but is actually me being a psycho. I know that I'm only 18 but as my doctor says I have an "old heart" which I believe would be offensive if I were 60 but I'm not...I began seeing my doctor after my parents got wind that I was becoming an alcoholic and a pothead.Drugs aren't bad they are amazing. MY parents thought i was just flat out insane. So what do they do...they schedule me a meeting with a shrink whom I worship now because she's just flat out awesome because she occasionally gives me her tasty lemon squares. So in a way I thank my parents for making me meet with Doctor awesome, cause I wouldn't be talking about right now.
    Love, Ariel
  2. I have been with my Ex-Boyfriend for 3 years.He was my best friend and although he and I just recently broke up.For some reason I feel like I've been away from him so long.Him and I were always different I was the free spirited girl who wanted to walk from California to Idaho anything to get an adrenaline rush that drugs couldn't give me. He was the one that wanted to say in all day and play video games. I'm the total opposite, sometimes I still wish I was with him so he could be as open minded as I am but in reality he's nothing like me we're total opposites. That will never change anf so will my decision.of living free and knowing life is to short to let others hold u back from being yourself.[attachment=2681:haight-hippies.jpg]

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