My anal training experiences
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  1. Hi there! I am AnalTrainingSlut, although it was autocorrected to "slur".

    I am a straight male who is into large anal insertions. I can already take some large objects and fisting, but I am unable to gape...which is something I want to do.

    I am going to try some different techniques to condition myself. I intend to update this blog at least weekly (but who knows).

    I am going to start with daily butt plug wear. I am committing to 7 days at a time and at the end of that week I will decide if I will continue another week. The plug of choice is Njoy 2.0 XL with silicone lube. When I say "daily wear" I mean 24/7 except for during personal needs breaks.

    I'm curious to find if it will loosen me up or make me tighter by holding it in.

    I also have a chrome plated steel ball bearing that is 9" around and weighs 4 pounds I'm excited to try also.

    Ideas and suggestions welcomed.

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