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  1. I catch myself looking at the sky a lot, and I'm not entirely sure why. It amazes me, I suppose. Watching clouds moving the slightest bit per minute. Only they don't recognize time, the just move freely, carried by the wind. Unsure of how fast they're going, clueless of the busying streets below their bellies. No worries and nothing but the wind and the sun hitting their faces. Amazing. I envy the clouds.
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  2. I have yet to master completely freeing my mind. Freeing it completely of all negativity and to simply allow myself to be a generally happy person. Perhaps the reasoning is my need to allow everyone's words and opinions effect how I see myself. No matter how hard I try to avoid it all. - this is what I would have said a year or two ago if you were to ask me, " Ally, why are you the way you are?"

    It's an art, really. Enabling yourself to detach your mind from your actions. To be able to live while living, without a single care in the world. My name is Ally Levan and I'm writing to you, my friends. I'm welcoming you to my roller coaster of a mind. Strap in and enjoy the ride, friend, for it could get bumpy but feel undeniably smooth all at the same time.

    Before I lose your attention completely, let me stop myself. My writing this is to put my thoughts into words, because you cannot deny that the mind works in marvelous ways. I have chosen a very rare path for myself, as have you. I hope you reading my entry makes you feel as if you've made a new friend.
    Keep a smile on your face. Be kind to one another, and stay happy.
    (This entry was cut short because I didn't want to write y'all a book)

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