Your Chicks are in the Mail !

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Some might call it shameless advertising. Be that as it may, I was quite thrilled when the San Marino Post Office phoned me with the news that my newly hatched chicks had just come in and were ready for pick-up.

I started raising hens about two years ago; began with Auracana bantams. I've since worked my way up to the larger stock and have four silkies in my aviary. My local bird and feed store guy is a bit slow with my orders so I opted to take matters in my own hand (so to speak). The shipment is 25 birds which is a bit more than I would have wanted, but what the heck?

So now I have Buckeyes, Cuckoos, Auracanas, Golden Comets and a single Silkie. Hopefully they will all be hens. That's I paid for, but who knows what happens when they start developing!

Anyway, I'm adding the site of the Myer Hatchery. There are hundreds of hatcheries all over the place; I simply chose one that had Buckeyes as a featured breed.

Enjoy !
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