Yoga to Star Gazing!

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I ordered my 3rd Margarita and poured it in a plastic cup. I told John that he needed to follow me home, he walked me out to my truck and helped me in so I kissed him! He followed me to our farm and we parked down by the Barn. He was still wearing his Yoga shorts and I only my Summer dress. We have a small gazebo not far from the Barn so I kicked off my shoes and took his hand and lead him down to a picnic table that was near it so we could see the Stars. We chatted a bit as we were watching for shooting stars and I put my hand on his leg, Mmmmm I wanted him, but I was afraid that I might scare him away. Just then we both saw a shooting Star and shouting it out at the same time! I told him that means that you have to kiss me and so he did! And we kept Kissing, I turned and sat on his lap straddling him with my bare Ass, I could feel his Hard cock against my Pussy and kept kissing his hands found my bare Ass and he worked my dress up and took it off fondly kissing my tiny tits! I stood up and pulled his shirt off and he took his shorts off! He sat on the table and I went down on his cock licking around the head as he moaned! Then I took what I could of it in! When I came up for air I kissed him and he was smiling! We hugged and I leaned over the table and he gently eased his Hard Cock into my Pussy I Came At Once! Cumming Hard as he fucked me Hard! He didn't last long, but we both saw Star's! As he shoots his Big Load deep inside my Pussy! Oh What a Night!
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