WTC building=World trade Center...

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As i said in my previous post..the WTC twin towers are no more..
in 1983 on a bright and sunny august day..I took the elevator..
towards the 107th floor??If I recall well??don't remember clearly..
it's a quick experience that lift up to view New York from the skies..
the view on that sunny something I would call stunning..
there was a circular kind of room..with written on the windows..
what could be seen below..the New York bridges like Brooklyn..
or Verrazano bridge connecting Brooklyn to Staten Island..
could clearly be was the whole town of Manhattan..
it was possible from the inside building to go out on the roof..
it was at a height of over 400 meters..I never went that high..
kind of observation deck in the feels little on a skyscraper..
the usual flock of tourists were of course omnipresent...
it was a very good experience to view New York from above..
9/11 was a tragedy in human history..indeed..I feel sad..
to write these lines here..such a beautiful touristical landmark..
is gone forever..and that,my beyond my words to express..
we did not plan to visit the Empire State building..
next day..we walked almost the whole length of 5th Avenue Manhattan..
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