Working Like a Hebrew Slave

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I attended a staff meeting at work. I found it a bit boring and useless since I am from a float pool and not really an integral part of the full time staff. While I work there as a full time employee and am part of the greater organization I am--technically--a staff employee. Nonetheless, I feel more like a visitor whose stay has a beginning, a middle and an end.
The facilitator of the meeting wanted to make sure that certain functions were being performed based on what the computer generated requests demanded. One of the staff--an African American woman--said that the check list was overwhelming. "We're working like Hebrew slaves!"
There was a chortle among the masses.
Moi, however, was not amused.
I repeated this several times throughout the day so that it would not be forgotten. After awhile my colleagues tired hearing it. "Why does it bother you so much?"
"How would YOU have felt if I were to say, 'I'm working like a field darkie on the plantation!'?"
She was stunned that I even had that kind of vocabulary. I'm quite reserved in the workplace.
Well that's my little rant for the moment. My attention span seems to be diminishing over the months. I'll blame it on the heat for now. :)
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