Will you not OPEN

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The wind which was howling at our door
took a small break
and then redoubled it's efforts
to break through to us

But we would not listen

the earth trembled underneath our feet
and shuddered in her efforts
to open new doors of understandings
as the earth opened herself up to us

we did not notice

Fire burst from the bowels of the earth
and cast ashes into the sky

we refused to see

Water rose up from old beds
and pounded far up from the old seashores
and we put up dikes ,,,, that failed -

but still would not comprehend

And Spirit came knocking -
but found few to open their doors

for we had forgotten

O my people you cast yourself out
to the lands that were of old called hell ...
which ever was and is but a state of mind..
for the times of change are on us
and you will not

But to those that do open their doors
and open yet wider to love and to the change -
A new world comes
and ye shall be Blessed

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