Why Starbux sux... I M H O

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I hate being treated like an idiot. The first time I was in need of coffee at work (they don't brew on the wards) I wound up going to the coffee shop in the cafeteria which happens to be a Starbucks. I quickly look through the list and choose the small Caff? macchiato.

First the woman tells me that they don't offer small. I look again and say, "I see three sizes and three prices. I assume that the lower price is the smaller quantity."

"Yes," she says, "but it's not called small."

"Too bad," I reply, "because that's what I call it in America. The smallest quantity is called small. Next size is medium. Biggest one is large. Call it what you like, but I say small and that's NOT going to change."

"Do you know what a Caff? macchiato is?"

Now she's REALLY pissing me off. "Yes," I say with note exasperation, "it's an Italian beverage. An espresso with a tiny dollop of hot, foamed milk on top."

"Don't get angry," she says in the hope of disarming me, "nobody ever orders it."

Oh, so I'm a nobody I'm thinking to myself.

She has to look up how to make it. I take it over to the milk area and add milk to it.

I've returned to this shop three times and each time I get the same drill. The last time I said I was going to Winchell's. I'm never given a third degree there when I asked for a small coffee with room for milk.

When I retire I think I'm going to open up a doughnut shop.
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