Whirling of the dervish, singing the song mystical

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And so on and so forth
on and on we go
where we shall land
we do not know

Blown like tattered sails of clouds
across a storm brewing sky
Yet we know we have within volition,
through which we may temper what Be

All we ever had any control over
was our own Self
And that be enough to change reality
And that, not only just thine own

Yet most just bewail
And act the victim ever
When they be ever so much more
Creator, Healer, Lover we be
Connected ever from the first I Am

Change am I
Come before ye
To usher in the new age
Now come before us

Free will has ever been sacred
Allowing Learning
Drawing experiences
Growing us into the Beyond
Where the All Becomes yet More

And even with the Change upon us
Each must still choose whether to move on
Or stay behind in the land of hard knocks
For Growing never did have to be hard
Last time of Change for good reason
was chosen that hard way
A Lesson branded in
hopefully never forgotten

But we See more clearly how it be;
That O so often the memory of what was
Stay not with us in the new Now
Buried neath the programs of a society of rules
We learn to curb imagination and intuition
Instead we learn to possess that which never was ours
for none can own but their own Being
Shown bright through the ephemeral cloth of the body
A field of bright energies vibrating Love

Singing this song I come softly before you
Gently weaving this story in words to See
Dancing the Truth as best I can perceive
Often failing, but getting up and striving on
For nought else has come to have meaning for me anymore
But to live Beyond, Coming to More,
Filling Existence with the Awareness of the Love
The Song and Dance of the Conections twixt thee and me
The One and the All made Whole again

One is love
And Love is All
Wholeness Is their Existence
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