Where Do I Begin In Picking Up A Damaged Life?

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first off,, i do not like bitching or complaining about my problems. i state the facts. what is. their is no, " it is what it is." their is only what is and what isnt. ignorance remains unblissful. ignorance does not know of bliss. many forget that ignorance means: does not know." i am no longer ignorant because of the knowledge i received in my death. i now can easily pick up on the ignorant and hot damn do they not like being found! i have come to the conclusion it takes a shift in focus how to internalize what happens properly. nothing is any one specific person's fault. blame happens a lot and all too frequently. i no longer blame. i put responsibility where it properly belongs so well now - the ones responsible think its blame when it is not.

i have made a lot of progress since my injury and death. i know its all god's doing. i can take no credit for what god does. i have more faith now than i ever had. i now fear not death but life. i cannot help but notice and take in the knowledge set before me about what earth really is. to cut it short, its unhealthy and poor quality of life.

can you state what "it" is in ever situation to give any merit to the infamous "it is what it is statement that translates to, " i dont care"? i can tell you that most do not know what "it" is. therefore, it isnt what it is, never was the way it was. most have been fooled into believing an illusion. its not real, therefore its much easier to forgive for me. forgiveness's purpose is so you can move on with your life. it does nothing for the other person. the other person needs t learn how to internalize things more productively. chances are they dont care anyway. now i feel like im rambling and its difficult typing 1 handed now.
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