What My Madness Brings

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Confession is not in my disposition,
Humility isn't for me.
I have too much accusation,
To stoop to mutual sympathy-
To offer up in supplication,
My rightful property,
Or stand before adjudication,
Bowing my head as if I were guilty.
Even if I too have failed in perfection...
It is probably due to thee.

Moreover, it is for the criminals to come forth,
Not for me to bring them to justice.
After all they've done to murder my mirth,
I deserve a medal for my mere lingering existence.

So I don't come before you humbly...
All stuttering, all mumbly.

And though I might like to play the minstrel knight,

I am not one who is made for easy delight.
Though I may often seem only to want to punish grumpily,
In reality, by beating this proverbial shield of tin,
I beseech you to alter course that we may yet win.

Hear me now! I am not casting a stone,

Let alone the first. 'tis no violence to merely intone:

I just searchingly bemoan.

(In a forum less likely to get me in the bin thrown)

Like a damaged bird, or dragon hoarding ruby
Rings with its lovely clipped wings,
That from pride and pity
Still breathes fire and sings;
Thus my Judgement Bell loudly
Yet subtly, insidiously dings-

May whatever God lurks see that this tragic ditty
Your lackadaisical consciences sorely stings!

..For the sake of society..
..for the sake of your souls..
..for the sake of your sins..

Pray: Do not refuse me, still less consider me an enemy;
It is only with repentance that true redemption begins.

..Not before me..
..But before each other..
..And, moreover, within..

Oh I know you're working hard, that you've been busy...
But save one more glance for what my "madness" brings!-
If you listen or sleep through it soundly, this is still my duty.

What do I care if you balk or cringe?

Poets - ONLY POETS - are PERMITTED to be crazy.

Thus do I sombrely rant and rave,
For in these verses lurks the bitter reconciliation I crave.


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