What Happened To Me? 2009 (Deeper Experience Version) 6 Years Ago.

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i feel as though ive made several comments under this post by now. i have an experience to share that has left me every reason to know god exists.
this goes out to those who are wondering about what happened to me....

as described many times before; i had a brain aneurysm burst; shortly after, i had a stroke which was accompanied with my first heart attack ever and of the night. i had a terrible migraine headache that kept building up over the course of several days, this headache started shortly after my 29th birthday on dec. 5th, 2009 and after completeing my first semester back at college(colorado film school). i was at a friends band show that night going out for a cigarette, i had my hand grasping onto my hair on my right side head where my headache was. i felt and heard a loud POP! and my head moved towards the left from the force of the burst vein. i felt blood trickling down my head, felt for blood with my right hand and as i brought my right hand down in front of my face i saw a light see through silhouette of my arm come out of my body and saw NO BLOOD on my hand yet, i still felt blood trickling down my head, thats when i realized the blood trickling was "inside" my head! i thought, "oh crap" as i lost strength on my left side (the stroke). as i was looking forward where i was going, my heart hurt like never before - similar to heart burn, couldnt breathe. i then collapsed collapsed dead.
if were talking fortunate circumstances now: a worker at the bar found me and rushed inside to tell the manager, " someone is outside on the ground and they dont look so good." a friend of mine from the film school rushed out to stay by my side. the friend who was on stage at this moment found out and called a halt on his performance and came outside where i was at, mind you, he was born without legs and hands so he was needed to be put in his wheelchair to come outside,
those outside by now just thought i was drunk,
when he saw me he knew something was wrong because i was just with him about 5 minutes before. he demanded that they should call for help.

while this stuff was happening my consciousness had left the scene after death pullled upwards towards the tip of the atmosphere directly above where i had collapsed. i was continuely being pulled somewhere, where? i didnt know at that time.
however, i do remember being pulled through what some call worm holes, these worm holes were filled with colors and different patterns (much like a very deep acid trip for those of you who've tripped acid) i blacked out during this out of body travel and woke up on a beach somewhere completely unknown to me that had a sun setting over the ocean horizon and a brighter sun off to my right in the distance!

it was warm there and the suns were shining down rays of unconditional love! everything i ever felt guilty for - gone! all the knowledge of the hate, war, lies, manipulation, all those terrible moments we see every day on the news or out on the streets - gone as if they never happened - ever!
it felt more real there than it does reading these words on this screen!
8 minutes later (earth time) the paramedics showed up and revived my dead body.
i woke up from my coma a month later.

there you have it!

thats my event that happened that night in a nutshell. to know exactly what i went through - you'd have to experience it for yourself and thats impossible to have an identical situation like that!
to make this come to an end now; that migraine was the worst headache of my entire life!

i survived though to tell my story and to try and share that this really isnt the only thing we have!
consciousness goes on after death!
i know there are those who firmly believe the "practice" of the doctors that these conscious events after death are a chemical reaction in the brain. ive seen enough first hand that this was an assumption because they didnt know!
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