Well that went well!

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I had builders coming to the house to do quite a lot of work so me, partner and dog decided to fuck off for a while. Rented a beach house up the eat coast a bit and took off to beachcomb and at least see some seals and dolphins.
The whole fucking time we were there the weather was atrocious! Winds that caused 20 foot waves, snow, hail and unfortunately no opportunity to do anything except sit inside and discuss whose fucking idea was this anyway! At least it was warm and there was a tele. Let's be thankful for small mercies and all that. The dog, who loves outside, took to making her way back to the house the minute she had pissed or shat. In all of her 6 years she has never, ever, felt the need to sneak off home because of the conditions. For fuck sake she has just survived a period of going out in snow that was deeper than her without batting an eyelid!
Came home via daughter's house just to find them all totally floored with a cold/flu virussy thing and no fun at all. At least arriving at other daughter's she had the good grace to feed and water us.
Back home, workers were clearly days away from finishing, and we had no option but to go for supplies and learn to hold our urine for countless hours at a time. When we did have use of the toilet it was with buckets of water and clear instructions not to move whilst doing whatever because nothing was fixed in place as yet.
Thankfully now we have a liveable in home but will be cleaning dust for the forseable future. We do have new heating, new bathroom and a lowered ceiling in the livingroom though.
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